Nineteenth Century History: 1870-1880 {David Livingstone: Medicine Man, Explorer and Missionary}

The children learnt all about David Livingstone, a Victorian doctor who traveled to Africa as a missionary.  We read the following book on his life

Victorian Unit Study: Sherlock Holmes’ Museum

Do you remember when the teens did their Around London in 8 Destinations?  One of their destinations was the Sherlock Holmes Museum.  I promised I

Grimm’s Fairy Tales: Sleeping Beauty

The second fairy tale we covered was Sleeping Beauty.  As I read the original out loud to the girls I reflected how simple the tales

Impressionist Artist Study: Degas

For her project last term Lillie learnt all about the Impressionist painters.  She studied one artist for two weeks.  The latest has been Degas, which

Nineteenth Century History: 1840-1850 {Charles Dickens and the Poor}

Oh my, I had fun this week!  The children not so much, but I took huge delight in threatening to starve my children with a

How to Experience the Life of a Working Class Victorian

This was a small social experiment the children and I carried out over one school day.  We will be doing something similar when we come

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