Edgar Degas {Impressionist}

Edgar Degas

For her project last term Lillie learnt all about the Impressionist painters.  She studied one artist for two weeks.  The latest has been Edgar Degas, which was very nearly a disaster!  But Lillie came up trumps and I think we both agreed that this was one of her best studies 🙂

Edgar Degas: General Resources

She used the following books throughout her project on Edgar Degas:

capture  capture2

As well as the courses found here:

Artist studies

Resources Specific to Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas Edgar Degas Edgar Degas

Goals for this Edgar Degas study

  • Read about Degas and his paintings and create a scrap book page with a gallery of Degas’ paintings and a short biography:

Edgar Degas


  • Read about Degas’ study of the body and attempt some anatomical drawings:


  • Carry out a study of your chosen piece of work by Degas and write a blog post reviewing it.  Lillie has finally got her blog up and running and I am sure she would love for you to pop over a follow along  You can find it here or by clicking the picture:

Edgar Degas

  • Produce your own copy or variation of your chosen painting/sculpture.  Lillie decided she wanted to produce a copy of The Little Dancer using white polymer clay, painting it bronze and adding a material dress.  She attempted this three times, but had major problems keeping its head on after baking!  I could see she was becoming a bit downcast about the whole thing, so suggested she come up with an idea to produce a mixed media reproduction.  We played around with a few ideas before agreeing on a 3D mixed media canvas reproduction of the dancer’s legs and skirt using paper mache, paint and skirt netting.  This was a very successful piece of work and Lillie was really very excited about it from start to finish 🙂


Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas

I loved watching Lil’ come back from the brink of a disastrous fortnight and produce this mixed media final piece, which she really did enjoy creating 🙂

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