Victorian Steam Punk: Week Three

Victorian Steam Punk

I finally finished all the sewing of the costumes, so the photos you see here are their final ones.  Not a pin in sight!  We also added a few accessories, although that will be our main focus next week.

Steam Punk Hat

Bearing in mind we are trying to do this whole thing spending as little money as possible, I was chuffed when Lillie stole Charlotte’s fedora, and A7’s science goggles and B5’s hair band and created a little bit of Steam punk magic by adding some polymer clay cogs and some gold and bronze paint:

Steam Punk 1

They all tried it on, but we all agreed that B5 looked the coolest in it!

Steam Punk 2

A Steam Punk Corset for Lillie

We were also blessed to find a black corset for Lil, although I’m thinking she wasn’t that happy that she had to carry it home for all to see!  It fitted well though and I think it is a better steam punk look than the black coat:

Steam Punk 3

B7’s Steam Punk Costume

Whilst I adore B5’s costume, I still feel it is a little too old looking for her.  We will be wearing these costumes to our Victorian Christmas in December and I don’t want her looking too much like a young lady 🙂

Steam Punk 5

We are contemplating pairing the dress with the Victorian styled blouse she already owns.  It is dark blue, and so not quite the right colour, but may tone down the whole outfit a bit.

Steam Punk 6

Another thought was for her to wear heavy black tights, which will keep her warm and keep her legs well covered, but we will have to wait a while before buying her any:

Steam Punk 7

Isn’t she just gorgeous?!

A5’s Steam Punk Costume

Onto my next gorgeous girl.  Again, I felt A7’s costume was a bit mature for her also.  We found her shawl which I placed around her shoulders, pulling it under her arms and tying it at the back.  This covered her up a bit 😉

Steam Punk 8

We will also be buying her a pair of tights, although her skirt isn’t quite as short as B’s:

Steam Punk 9

Charlotte’s Steam Punk Costume

Although the photos look very similar to last week, this week they have all been sewn (last week they were just pinned):

Steam Punk 12

The waist coat is still not perfect, but maybe after we accessorise it won’t be so noticeable:

Steam Punk 11

The skirt is looking much better for being properly ruched, and I think after we add some chain it’ll do the job!

Steam Punk 10

Steam Punk 13

Lillie’s Steam Punk Costume

The corset definitely added that steam punk look, but none of us were sure about the grey top underneath:

Steam Punk 14

That said, there is no way Lillie would wear it without some sort of top underneath so I think we will just go with it:

Steam Punk 16

The skirt and bleached under skirt is looking good.  I used blank brooches to pin it up and I know this is one area Lillie is planning to add lots of her home made jewellery:

Steam Punk 17

She did try on some of her steam punk jewellery, but I think decided it didn’t quite go with her outfit:

Steam Punk 18

I’m thinking the necklace may look pretty cool on the ruches of her skirt….

Steam Punk 15

Next week (our last week!) we will be focusing on steam punk accessories, and this is the week I have been really looking forward to!


  1. Wow girls those look amazing. I love steam punk fashion. Never quite brave enough to wear it though. I have a pair of shoes dubbed as steam punk at home which I love but hardly ever wear them as they are so high I can’t walk in them. Well done you creative bunch.

  2. Everyone looks wonderful! All of the outfits are great, especially A7’s. It really looks like a lot of fun.

  3. I have something to mail to you that would fit in perfectly with your steam punk unit. If you do not want to give out your address, I understand, but is there another address I could send it to so that it would get to you?

  4. If she has a white blouse that fits under the corset, that would also work really well.

    The jewelry is an amazing accent, and totally makes the outfit.

    I agree with the tights for B5’s outfit, it would also look really good with it.

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