‘Around the World in 80 Days’ Birthday Party for A8

Today we celebrated A’s eighth birthday.  We had decided to throw an ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ birthday party (of course!).  The plan for the day was a Cheerio breakfast, opening presents with Granny in tow, pop to town to buy a watch with Grandad and Granny in Ireland’s birthday money, and then spent the afternoon partaaaying!

Here’s the morning in pictures:-

Opening cards:

Around the World 3

Opening presents:

Around the World 4

We had adopted a Tiger for her, which she was so happy about.  She’s holding the tiger she received in her adoption pack during a cuddle with Granny:

Around the World 5

I had been trying to organise the party over the weekend, which didn’t quite feel like enough time.  However that was all I had as I had been focusing my attention on our ‘Around London in 8 Destinations’ for the final trip up to London last Wednesday and also Gary’s birthday beach day last Thursday.  I wasn’t sure I would get it finished, but I managed due to the not inconsiderable help from Leah.  Leah has girls the same age as A and B, and we have been holding the younger ones parties with them in attendance since what seems like forever.  The girls all get on so well, the parties are always a success just on account of the company!

The ‘Around the World’ party was to begin with an ‘Around the Village in 80 Minutes’ task based activity.  Gary made up four riddles which the girls had to decipher to find out their next destination.  Once they reached their destination, they needed to complete a task in order to be awarded the treasure.  The treasure consisted of various things they would be needing throughout the afternoon.  I created bags for each destination containing everything required to do the task.

The first bag contained the first clue, which was to take them to the village pond:Around the World 6

Their task was to circumnavigate the pond with their partner (each of the girls had been paired up with one of my older children and Gary), so I included scarves to use to tie their feet together.  This task would win them a small travel themed sweetie box for their pick ‘n’ mix later on:

Around the World 7

Gary was in charge of all the activities around the village and so did not take many photos as he needed to also participate as B5’s partner.  He did manage to get one of Thomas and Charlotte with their respective partners:

Around the World 2

Around the World 1

The next clue took them to the park where they were required to use the Polaroid and photo props and take some photos of each other to pop into the going home bags (guests) and pin on their notice board (A and B):

Around the World 8

Around the World 9

The Polaroids didn’t come out great, but the girls did the task with ease:

Around the World 12

The penultimate clue guided them to the football pitch where they had to play ball and on each turn they had to draw the different legs of the journey that Phileas Fogg took.  Once completed they would receive a pop corn box to enable them to eat some pop corn whilst watching the film:

Around the World 14

I had made dots and numbered them, the girls simply had to join them up, ending up with globe which showed the circumnavigation route Fogg, Passepartoute and Fix took around the world:

Around the World 13

And the final clue brought them to the local coffee shop where they met Leah and I to drink some ice-cream strawberry milkshakes and open their crackers, which I had hand made for just this occasion:

Around the World 10

Around the World 11

Inside each cracker had a token which would allow them to play one game at the local ten pin bowling alley:

Around the World 17

Around the World 18

Once the milk shakes were finished we left for bowling:


The bowling was so much fun and everyone played really well, even Charlotte and I, who are not usually recognised for our bowling skills:

Around the World 23

Around the World 19

Around the World 21

Around the World 20

B5 had a particularly cute way of rolling her ball towards the pins.  I’m not exactly certain it could be called bowling though….

Around the World 22

Once we had finished bowling, it was back to ours for pizza and movie with some pick ‘n’ mix and popcorn thrown in.  Leah and I had got the place slightly decorated, whilst Gary had been taking the children around the village:

Around the World 27

I made a happy birthday banner from old maps and letters:

Around the World 26

And was pretty happy with the outcome.  So happy in fact, I may very well keep it for use at other birthdays:

Around the World 28

Around the World 29

We put together a pop corn station using a lovely old leather suit case as a ‘table’:

Around the World 31

Pretty, no?

Around the World 32

And a pick ‘n’ mix station, where we also showcased Leah’s incredible hand made cake:

Around the World 33

Around the World 34

Did I mention she made it all. by. herself.?

Around the World 35

Isn’t it amazing?

Around the World 36

Seriously, Leah, we were bowled over by the talent and hours which must have gone into making it.  Thank you so much!

Around the World 37

We popped 8 candles on, turned off the lights and sang a happy birthday to our gorgeous eight year old:

Around the World 39

She begged to cut it herself.  With a diagonal cut right through the cake…

Around the World 40

Thank you so much to Gary, Leah, our older children and Leah’s two girls for making this (and I quote) ‘the best birthday ever’ for little A8.  We love you all very much and are so grateful to have you in our lives.


  1. Sweetheart, you are growing into such a special young lady. I love your gentleness, your happiness, how placid and easy going you are, how much you love your family and friends. I love you so much. You brighten every day just by being in it. You are so loved. Never forget that <3

  2. Happy Birthday, A! And, that cake? Fabulous! The whole party looks absolutely amazing. What a fun day for you all!

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