Homemade Christmas: Tablescaping

Last year I had bits and bobs to put together a heart shaped themed Christmas table.  I used white cotton table cloths over our large

Home-made Christmas: How to Make Your Own Crackers

I often make my own crackers.  For this you need the cracker outline card (which I got from Amazon), a glue gun, cheap and nasty

Homemade Christmas: Name Signs

If he had the time Gary was going to carve these as well, but the other signs took so much longer than he thought they

Homemade Christmas: Storage for Hats and Jewellery

The girls were thrilled with their present from their Daddy.  Gary had been working away in all his spare time creating beautiful and personal gifts

Homemade Christmas: Name Hangings

I made these for the girls for their Christmas stocking present.  I bought four slate hearts for a pound (!) from The Works and wrote each

Precious Holiday Moments

Apologies for the long post, I’m attempting to cram four weeks worth of memories into one post.  Here’s what we got up to over Christmas: