Home-made Christmas: How to Make Your Own Crackers

I often make my own crackers.  For this you need the cracker outline card (which I got from Amazon), a glue gun, cheap and nasty crackers, decorations such as ribbons, felt hearts and heart shaped buttons:


I made the present for inside by simply popping some sweeties into a gift bag and sealing using some festive ribbon:


Using cheap crackers, undo and reassemble your own, with own present and the hat, joke and cracker bit inside the cheap crackers.  I used some thick ribbon and the glue gun to make sure the cracker was secure.  I added the heart and button for decoration, again using glue gun:



Place one at each place setting.


Lovely, inexpensive and unique 🙂


  1. Lovely idea! At first, I had no idea what crackers were and (after laughing at myself) had to Google what the British definition of “cracker.” Now I know! Homeschooling = always learning 🙂

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