Homemade Christmas: Tablescaping

Last year I had bits and bobs to put together a heart shaped themed Christmas table.  I used white cotton table cloths over our large table top (made by Gary), overwhich I placed a smaller red and white heart one.  I also had a couple of potted firs and some heart napkins.


I had already made the heart shaped crackers and used those as part of the placement settings, alongside a brown paper flag with the name written slid into a ribbon tied fir cone.  Finishing off was a popper I had laboriously covered in sticky ribbon.  It’s all in the detail….


On top of the table cloth I artistically placed (ie tossed) a few fir cones of various sizes, used my Christmas candle set my mum gifted me a few years ago, some heart confetti and some Christmassy wrapped chocolates:


And finally I popped the two potted firs into a brown paper bag, securing them with a ribbon.  I ripped some material into thin lengths and wrapped them around the firs to give the impression of tinsel:


I was very happy with the result:



This year it’s all about the Victorian age as we seek to replicate a Victorian Christmas.  Excitement all round!


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