Homemade Christmas: Name Signs

If he had the time Gary was going to carve these as well, but the other signs took so much longer than he thought they would we needed to  come up with an alternative.  Enter a couple of sharpies and a wife.  Gary cut and sanded the wood before it came to me.  I wrote, using a black sharpie, their name and the scripture from Psalms:



Gary then hung them above the door in their bedroom to remind them multiple times a day just how precious they are:


Simple and the little ones loved them:


In fact a year later they have commented on them numerous times and the message of that particular Bible verse has definitely sunk in.  Mission accomplished!


  1. Claire,

    What a wonderful idea! I do love your signs. Yes, our children are precious. All of us are. I wonder if you and Gary have signs in your bedroom too.

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