Wintery Seasons of Joy

My plans for Wintery Seasons of Joy Welcome to Wintery Seasons of Joy, I am so glad you are here!  I have missed writing these

Homemade Christmas: Door Plaques

Thomas made these from a piece of scrap wood which he cut to five equal sizes and rubbed down until smooth.  Using a glue gun

Homemade Christmas: Name Signs

If he had the time Gary was going to carve these as well, but the other signs took so much longer than he thought they

Christmas Traditions: Annual Christmas Party

Just wanted to add a quick post to my Christmas Traditions page.  We began this only three years ago, but it feels like I can

Christmas Traditions at Angelicscalliwags

This blog is primarily a gift for my children.  It is the legacy of their childhood.  The best bits, the memories, successes and trials for

Plans for an Easy-peasy Christmas Season

Christmas is usually our silly manic period, but this year we decided to try to recreate the relaxed Christmases we always took for granted in

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