Christmas Traditions: Annual Christmas Party

Just wanted to add a quick post to my Christmas Traditions page.  We began this only three years ago, but it feels like I can say it is now an annual tradition.  The first year it was just Nik’s family and mine; the second Lorna and her family joined in and this year was the same.  Between us we have nine children and there are never any arguments; they all get on really well – as do the men and of course Nik, Lorna and I.

I usually host as I have the youngest children who tend to go to bed before the festivities are over, and I provide all the side dishes and vegetables.  Nik cooks an enormous ham each year, whilst Lorna is in charge of dessert and drinks.  I also like to decorate the table (of course):


I went with a hearts theme, hand made our crackers and even spent time covering the poppers in sticky ribbon to match the theme:


I bought as little as possible, using things I had on hand or that I could collect from the garden:


Gary had already extended our large table to fit twelve at a squeeze, and last year extended a side table to be able to fit a few more, if pushed up next to our dinner table.  Together we can now accommodate 16, which was just as well as we had fourteen for this Christmas party!


It was incredibly lovely for everyone to get caught up:


We always crack the crackers together and pop the poppers together (after main and before pud):


I had included a numbered whistle on each plate and after we had eaten the main course Gary conducted the table in a few Christmas carols:


Dessert was a Christmas log:


And after some tidying, washing up, drying up and flapping of table cloths outside, we were ready to begin pass the parcel.


Nik organises this and each layer contains a forfeit, some chocolate money and a tiny gift.  It was funny watching the more easily embarrassed boys being forced to do the forfeits:


Gary and Thomas then led us all in a round of Christmas carols:



And a final photo of my gorgeous friend Nik, who I have been blessed to know for over half my life:


Happy, happy memories!


    1. I didn’t make them, I merely spent waaay too much time covering them with ribbon. They looked kind of cute though so I was a happy bunny 🙂

  1. Everything looks lovely, Claire. The children had Christmas poppers this year and they were such fun. We were thinking of making them next year. Please tell Lorna her Yule Log looks fantastic. Yummy-O! Hmm. Maybe an English Christmas feast next year.

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