December Precious Moments

Where has this month gone? I blinked and it is now almost January. I love this time of year. A fresh slate, with no mistakes on it…yet (almost quoting Anne of Green Gables 👍). Of course, through Jesus, every day is a new day with no mistakes in it. Maybe, new day resolutions could be a thing? Hmmm. I like that!

Still, I also love making new year’s resolutions. I mean, what’s not to like? The potential for greatness all wrapped up with eager enthusiasm that this year will be different. I likey!

I will be sharing some of my resolutions on the first.

They will be wildly unrealistic, and mostly unachievable, but I shall resolutely make them nonetheless. And in all probability will be equally resolute in my failure. ‘So, what on earth is the point of making them?’ I hear you cry… I have no answer, only that it is fun to do, and as an ever eternal optimist I am hopeful that they will have at least some small effect.

Anyway, let’s focus on December. I have hardly any photos, which is very disappointing. I must put taking more photos on my list of New Year’s Resolutions…

I shall let the meagre photos do the talking. Needless to say it was lovely having everyone back in the home, even though Thomas was exhausted – Christmas is the busiest time in church.

At Nik’s:

Christmas Eve cookie nativity competition:

Family Christmas Eve Pyjamas:

Christmas Eve pork roast and watching A Muppet’s Christmas Carol:

Beloved brother:

Who was beyond exhausted:

I didn’t get any photos of our meal, but my mum, as a Christmas present for everyone, bought us a whole Christmas dinner with all the trimmings from Cook. Oh. My. Goodness. Best Christmas present ever! The food was so good – I really do recommend!

I got a few of us opening Christmas presents:

Well, that is all the photos I took. Pitiful, right? But I have made resolutions of the New Year type and so will be better in 2022 ❤️

I hope you all have had a wonderful Peaceful Christmas x


  1. I love your optimism with the new years resolutions! I gave up on them a few years ago when I realized I never remembered to actually follow/achieve them.

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours. I make wild resolutions too. Some of them I actually completed in 2021, but most I did not.
    Blessings, Dawn

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