Wintery Seasons of Joy {February Week Two}

Welcome to my weekly Seasons of Joy post.  Thank you to everyone who sent me a message or email and shared what you are doing

Wintery Seasons of Joy: February Week One

Welcome to the first February Seasons of Joy!  This is my most favourite post to create, especially when I’ve had a productive week and have

Wintery Seasons of Joy: January 2018 – Checking in on my Goals

Welcome to the last Seasons of Joy post for January.  I know I said it Friday, but can you believe how quickly it has gone. 

Wintery Seasons of Joy: January 2018

It’s not so much wintery as wet!  It is pouring down with rain this morning and we have all been working hard in the garden,

Wintery Seasons of Joy

Hello, hellooooo!  Welcome to my Wintery Seasons of Joy post.  I have so much to share 🙂 Gary took a couple of weeks off over

Wintery Seasons of Joy

My plans for Wintery Seasons of Joy Welcome to Wintery Seasons of Joy, I am so glad you are here!  I have missed writing these

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