Seasons of Joy

If I close my eyes to the heated rays of the sun, I can hear a lawn mower in the far distance. Birds and insects chirp in equal measure. There’s the odd bang or clatter from nearby gardens, the sound of feet walking on shingle next door. It is a cacophony of auditory pleasures, life being lived, nature going about its business.

I am relaxing, sprawled out on our rusty swing seat in the back garden. It creaks as I lazily rock it back and forth with a foot. I breath in the warm balmy air of spring, and contemplate how very content I am.

On a rare afternoon to myself, with the dappled sun warming my shoulders, I am sat flicking through some of my much loved, and steadily growing collection of magazines: Country Living (of course), Landscape, and Land Love.

A small, loud single pilot aeroplane noisily makes its way across my skyline. And I smile as it shudders off into the horizon. Life is quite simply… marvellous.

My plan for the afternoon was to flick through a few of the June editions of the magazine and create a scrapbook page of things I wanted to see, do or learn.

In fact, I only read through one magazine because everything in it interested me. In the end I had to read through again before picking my favourite bits. Those bits ranged from nature plans, plants I’d like to buy for my garden, a front door I’d like Gary to make (!), decorating ideas, fashion and recipes to try out over the next month.

The goal was to sort through the magazines, take what I need from each and recycle the rest. But I’d forgotten how good they were! So only managed one. This did not really have the desired effect of decreasing my magazine stash!

It did, however, create a cute scrapbook page and a visual list of things I want to explore in the coming month.

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  1. You always have such a great ideas and organization. Maybe one day, I ‘ll come sit in the garden with you.

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