Seasons of Joy

Seasons of Joy

I particularly enjoy writing my Seasons of Joy posts. They are a little break from all things homeschooling and touch upon the bits and pieces of everyday life, a life I enjoy very much indeed.

Last weekend I spent the entire weekend cleaning our cooker and ovens, oiling the wood counter tops in the kitchen and defrosting the freezer, giving it a good clean in the process. We ate take-always every night and meal deals for lunch. I’m not saying I loved the food per se, but I definitely enjoyed not having to cook at all for a couple of days.

Look how clean the oven is. You can see right through the doors!

I don’t remember it ever being this clean!

I am useless at house keeping. Cleaning is my very least favourite thing to do, although I always enjoy the result.

I particularly love how the counter tops look after a good oil. I managed three coats and it just makes me very happy that I am preventing any water damage and prolonging the life of the wood:

I also washed the curtains, which Becs ironed, which you can see above and the cabinet ones below:

This week I’m going to focus on the bathroom. I do wish I was more of a natural at this whole homemaking business, but I shall enjoy my small victories when I can…like my clean oven. Although how long it will stay that way remains to be seen!

I am a bit late sharing this, but I was clearing it all away and wanted a record of it somewhere. For Valentine’s Day, my mum shopped online and bought a card for each of her grandchildren. I thought they were so very lovely:

I also made up little breakfast boxes with lots of treats in them for my younger girls. I didn’t get photos, but I was able to retrospectively take photos of the little heart tags I wrote for each of my girls. They were a very simple gift, reminders of all they are through Christ:

I really think we need to remind our children of how God views them, rather than allowing them only to feel how society sees them. There is no love as great as God’s Love, and in a world where being cool, fashionable, rich…etc is valued, our children, including (maybe even especially) our adult children, need to know the Truth and what is really important in God’s eyes.

And lastly, a photo I captured last night. I take all my photos on my phone now, rather than my camera. This works out much quicker as I have an IPhone and an IPad so all the photos turn up on both. The downside of this is that I don’t know how to operate it possibly, especially when a light is on in the background. Anyone able to help?

Anyway, each Saturday night we have family night. We do a mixture of things depending on who is planning it. We’ve had school based nights such as our Antarctic Winter Party, and the girls’ Edwardian presentation. Lillie usually organises games, whilst Thomas opts for video nights. Last night was Charlotte’s turn, and as she has not been feeling so good over the past week, she chose the film ‘The Borrowers’ to watch and popcorn to snack on:

I love seeing my children snuggling up together ❤️

Even though I now have four adult children in the house, we still enjoy hanging out together ❤️

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