Spring Seasons of Joy

The first thing I have to say is a huge congratulations to Charlotte who received notification today that she achieved an A* in her English Literature IGCSE.  Charlotte works so hard at her school work and she thoroughly deserves this grade.  Well done Darling….we are SO proud of you!

It has been a couple of weeks since my last Seasons of Joy post and I have been busy as a beaver filling up my Christmas stocking present box:

I am currently working on present seven (the Christmas Tree Angels for the girls hope box) and present eight:

The angels are coming along nicely, with just one last one to add hair and face onto.  I have made their dresses, petticoats and wings from a Christmas dress all four girls have worn over the years:

And some close ups:

I am thinking of adding a sparkling head dress made from white/silver sequins and some sort of flower/garland falling from their hands, which seem a little big for their body 🙂  All in all though, I am very happy with them.  My girls have seen them being made so it’s fine if I post them.

It is my goal that they are passed down from generation to generation, so with this in mind, I have sewn each girl’s name on the leg of their angel with this year’s date:

This means that when my great, great, great….grand-daughter hangs pops it on the top of her Christmas tree, she can know that back in 2018 her great, great, great….grand-mother was merrily sewing away.

I have also been busy framing more pictures.  Yay me!  This one took a bit longer and I sent off the pictures to Boots to be printed properly.  I really love how they turned out though:

I am half-way through a large house frame which can contain multiple photos.  Really looking forward to getting that one up on the wall.

Well that’s it.  I have plans to make some heart Christmas decorations for the tree out of a deep red crushed velvet dress of the girls, as well as filling up their Mistletoes bag.  So many plans and not enough time to do them in!  Have a great week everyone 🙂



  1. I love that the dolls are further personalized with their names and dates! That’s such a wonderful keepsake for future generations. Your photo goal has helped me realize that of ALL the family photos we have around (and we have a lot of them) I haven’t updated any since the boys were small. I’m slowly going through room by room and switching out our photos with newer ones and adding a few new frames here and there where I just can’t bear to switch out the old photo.

  2. Yay for Charlotte! FANTASTIC!!! You are so organized! I am having trouble planning a birthday one week away. Can’t wait to see what is in the packages come Christmas.

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