Wintery Seasons of Joy: February Week One

Welcome to the first February Seasons of Joy!  This is my most favourite post to create, especially when I’ve had a productive week and have lots to write about (like this week!).

The first thing I have to share is something which touched me so much.  My mother-in-law (who really is like a second mum to me) sent me a little present in the post.  She reads my blog and so knows that one of my resolutions this year is to get some more photos up on our walls and on our sides.  She was charity shopping (something I am convinced we got her into 😉  ) and she saw this lovely frame:

Isn’t it pretty?  The colours and design are perfect for our little cottage.  But you know what touched me the most?  The fact that Heather knows me well enough to be able to buy something which is so thoughtful, so beautiful and so perfect!  It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  I do love you Heather!

I printed out a black and white photo of Becca and my Mum.  I have been wanting another photo to go with the one of me and my Dad, above my bed, and this was just right:

The other photo frame I finished this week was my wire heart one.  I think I can probably make this look a bit better  with some of Lillie’s black and white written art, but that will have to wait for next week:

It’s hanging in the hallway at the moment and I think is very pretty:

Something else which came in the post this week was one of my Christmas presents which I had completely forgotten about – a subscription to LandLove:

I’ve not had a chance to read it all the way through, but I see a few peaceful moments with a cup of tea and LandLove in my future 🙂

I’ve been beavering away into the night, whilst everyone else is asleep, making Christmas stocking presents.  I have managed two more for each child, wrapped and numbered:

I can’t tell you what they are until after Christmas as my children read my blog, but I still love to post the picture!  It feels like a job well done (she says patting herself on the back!).

The boys are away for Thomas’ 16th birthday celebration, skootering with friends.  Gary has taken them and it is a good hour and a half away.  Gary has been up (working) since five.  How great a Dad does Thomas have?  Whilst they are busy doing tricks and falling over, the girls and I have planned an afternoon in watching a Christian version of Beauty and the Beast, which happens to be on Prime at the moment:

I prepared some heart themed snacks to go along with it:

I do love writing these posts, they always put a huge smile on my face and make me very thankful for the life that I lead.

What have you been doing to make sure this wintery season is a Season of Joy?



    1. She really is! The film was great. My girls were cheering on the girl and boy like one would a football game. It got quite rowdy at times!

  1. My mother in law is like a second mother to me too (and well she should be as my husband and I began dating at 16). My younger two boys and i went away overnight to a local indoor waterpark and enjoyed a few nice meals out too. It was fun spending time with just them.

  2. Daddy has been busy ,with the children, since the Christmas holidays and spare times at weekends, building a new chicken coop ! They love chickens , they love working , best of all they love working WITH daddy , so the finished result was finished there yesterday (apart from a ramp that’s needed now ,so that’ll be tomorrow we hope , unless they will fly in or use a helicopter (or a henicopter someone said!) Because the door is quite high up . It was made using recycled materials, therefore what we used had and used was very heavy , very very very heavy ! Our kind greengrocer cane with his tractor to move it into place for us ! Talk about it takes a community to raise a child! It is far better this way ,than just buying a coop, this way they were involved – and learnt loads on the way ! Do many 8 year olds (and 5 and 7 and 10 for that matter ) know how to and why some screws need to be countersunk? Well these kids have a good idea now ! It’s a joy to hear them tell the stories of what each “lesson” brought! Also seeing the kids in their overalls , dedicated to the work – even on cold ,wet ,bitter days the joy in this work has been amazing to watch ! Can’t wait for the next project !

    1. Veronica, thank you for the pictures in your email! The chicken coop is amazing! Your family is so clever 🙂 What a fantastic learning opportunity! I’m sorry I haven’t answered your emails. I have a few backed up and I promise I will get to them eventually ((hugs))

  3. One thing I did this year was to put up a tree! I am always bummed when the Christmas lights go dark. They are my favorite part of the Christmas decorations. So, I bought a white tree. I’ve never been a fan of white trees, but I had a vision. I added just a few white lights, blue garland, some beautiful wintery blue ornaments, and birds. These birds look so real, one of my girls says she thinks they are going to fly off the tree and attack her! Lol. I call it my winter tree. It has made a huge difference to my mood this winter. You’ve gotta get on Instagram! 😉

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