Spring Seasons of Joy {17/03/2018}

I thought I’d use this space to record all we did for mother’s day.  Mum had instructed me that I was, under no circumstances, to buy her anything or to spend money on her.  With that in mind, I knew I would have to get really creative if I was to show her how much I loved her on zero amount of pennies.  I remembered that she had happened to mention a few weeks ago that her favourite food was home-made quiche, but that she hadn’t ever managed to recreate the quiche of her childhood (cheese onion and tomato).  I had obviously stored this information in some echelon of my brain, so that when she said no present and no money, the idea to make a quiche sprung into my mind.  There was a problem – I had only ever made quiche once before, and whilst very tasty, I hadn’t followed a recipe making it up as I went along.  I wasn’t entirely sure I could replicate it.  No matter.  I would give it my best shot:

As you can see, it wasn’t a complete disaster.  In fact, I was quite pleased with myself.  I had informed mum that she needed to be sitting on her chair in her living room at 12 with her eyes shut (the plan had been for her to join us for lunch, but we were down with another infection so didn’t want to pass it on).  He he, I had so much fun……

I made up as beautiful a tray as possible, picking a small bunch of flowers from the garden.  I had bought a small bottle of sparkling Pinot Rose, which I knew she loved (and in fact, I think it was this that was the biggest hit over and above the quiche!):

I added a small salad, a meringue nest with fresh fruit and a small bowl of Greek yogurt:

And I was ready to go!

I took all my bits and bobs over to mum’s (she lives next door so I didn’t have far to go) and popped them in the kitchen making sure mum kept her eyes shut the whole time.  I set out a slice of the warm quiche onto the tray and carefully placed it on mum’s lap and then told her to open her eyes.  Oh so much fun!  She was delighted 🙂

I had disobeyed her (of course) and bought her a small gift of a book of puzzles and conundrums set during the second world war for her to work her way through (she said it was one of the best presents I had ever got her – she does love a good puzzle!).  I had Gary come and take a photo of us both, as we don’t have many of her and I:

I do love my mum so very very much <3

Mean while, back at my own home, my family were busy as bees putting together a gorgeous mother’s day lunch for me:

It was so lovely:

The little ones then put on a show for us, singing lots of songs from ‘The Greatest Showman’:

A was on drums and B was singing:

Gary particularly appreciated the cymbals situated behind A and hanging from the rag doll’s feet:

Then they both took up the mics and sang together:

So special.  Gosh, I love being a mummy 🙂

I received lots of lovely home-made gifts and cards, with special thoughtful messages.  Charlotte bought me a bunch of white roses (my favourite), Thomas a sign for the kitchen, Lillie had hand made me some mints, A9 had made me a coupon book full of coupons for massages, hair brushing sessions (I LOVE having my hair brushed), lie-ins and half an hour of peace and quiet (!) and B7 had bought me a photo frame into which she had placed a hand drawn picture surrounded by hearts.

So beautiful:

Gary had also bought me a CD player for our bedroom.  I had specifically asked for this to enable the little ones and I to listen to history CDs during school time.  It was olde worlde looking and has pride of place on my bed side table.  I am so running out of space:

Most of my spare time this week has been finishing up the Christmas Angels I have been making for my four girls for the top of their Christmas tree after they leave home and run a home of their own.  I added some sequins to look a bit like fairy lights (at least that was what I was going for!):

I’ll be wrapping them tonight!  I am so on top of Christmas this year!!

Well that’s it for this week’s Seasons of Joy post.  What have you done to make this week special?



  1. What a lovely Mother’s Day. Such a special treat for your mum. Love that you were spoiled, too. You deserve it!

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