Wintery Seasons of Joy

Hello, hellooooo!  Welcome to my Wintery Seasons of Joy post.  I have so much to share 🙂

Gary took a couple of weeks off over Christmas in order to put some wood down on our floors.  The upstairs has already been done (over the summer) and the downstairs was next.  We are leaving the kitchen and bathroom floor tiles as they are, which meant we had the hallway, study area, Thomas’ room and living room to go.  We have not decided whether or not we will wood over the dining area.  It has the same tiles as the kitchen and bathroom and are perfectly good.  However, wooding the whole living and dining area will give a nice cohesion, especially as our bedroom (next to dining area) is wooded too.  Also, if we wood it all we won’t have to deal with any steps mid-room.

Gary worked so hard, and managed to lay wood in the hallway, study area, my soon to be study area and Thomas’ bedroom.  It was a family job though.  Thomas was working at the bakery all week, so was unable to help.  The girls got stuck in, emptying our hall way of books and food, so that Gary could take the shelves down before starting.

I almost painted the hallway cream, but decided against it.  One day maybe… Still it looked great once done:

Thomas and Annie painted the first coat of paint in his (new to him) bedroom, and Lillie and I took over for the second coat:

I had a lovely (not) photo of me to post painting in my terribly flattering (not) painting clothes.  I thought I’d save you from that particular delight (not) and deleted said photo 🙂

Whilst Gary was banging away at the floor, I dismantled our larder (actually Gary did the dismantling!) and I covered all the shelves with some red and white checked wipe-able table-cloth material:

 Pretty, yes?  I have been saving jars for the past year and had created a muesli/granola bar using labels from Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth:

Our twentieth anniversary fell in the week before Christmas. We had talked about taking a two day break, with Gary’s parents kindly agreeing to come over to childmind for us. In the end we just couldn’t afford to. Instead, we treated ourselves to a voucher to go to afternoon tea in Covent Gardens (London) and afterwards go and see a musical in the West End. I can’t wait! We have a whole year to go, so will probably take one of the days Gary’s parents will be over in the spring. Gary bought me a beautiful bunch of flowers and wrote the most gorgeous words in my card. Happy sigh. Here’s to the next twenty fabulous years!

Remember one of my goals for 2018 was to begin framing photos?   I wanted to do at least one a week.  Well, this week I managed two!  They are both of mine and Gary’s wedding, and both will be hung in our bedroom:

The first is of Gary and I.  If my memory is correct, we were posing for photos with a glass of mulled wine which, as neither of us drank alcohol, we immediately put down as soon as the shoot was over 🙂

We look so young!  Gary is wearing a kilt and I am wearing my great-granny’s lace wedding dress.  Happy, happy memories.

The second is of my dad and I.  I don’t have any other photos of him and I alone.  It is a bit scratched but I love it none the less:

The frames came curtesy of the charity shops, and cost pennies.  The one holding dad and I is home made of really chucky wood.  I love, love, love it!  It matches the bookshelves my side of the bedroom, where it shall be hung.

Well, that’s it for me!  I have a party to get ready for, and some organising for next week’s school.  Probably not in that order though 🙂  Have a wonderful week everyone 🙂


  1. Happy Anniversary! Everything looks great. I really love the floors. Wish we had wooden floors instead of this ugly gold carpeting. Your wedding photo is beautiful. Love the kilt. So cool. Your dress is gorgeous and so very special. How wonderful to have the photo of your dad. I know that is a treasure. Family photos make the best decorations.

    1. We had the smelliest yuckiest carpet that ever was! It had been down for over twenty years and really was disgusting! I am so chuffed it’s gone!
      The photo of me and my dad is now up at the side of my bed. It is the last thing I look at before I tuck down at night. It makes me very happy 🙂
      I hope you had a lovely weekend xxx

  2. Happy anniversary! Congratulations on 20 years, that’s a big deal!
    I need to print and frame pictures. I’m so bad at doing that in anything resembling a timely manner. You guys are always so good at constantly doing work around the house.

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