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We only have one world

Mad World

Does anyone else feel like our world is spiralling out of control? Between Russian soldiers being sent to war without uniform or protection against the cold to Truss resigning, it feels like everywhere I look the world is going down a very dark and dangerous road.

I have made up my mind to ignore the news. After all, me reading it won’t affect it in any way. In fact, the only people me reading the news will affect is me…and those I live with.

Everything that is happening is too big for my mind to comprehend without panicking. I simply don’t have the brain required to compute it all in a calm and considered manner.

So, I pledge to avoid it. Instead, my energies will go on helping those within my immediate household feel as upbeat and safe. It is stressful enough being a teen in this age of technology, without imminent and actual war playing out before their very eyes.

They need a safe place to go to when it all becomes too much. Home. These four walls within which I have much influence on the overall ambiance and atmosphere. I am powerless regarding all that is going on in the world, but here I can create a home, comforting and protecting those I love against the ravages of every day 21st century living.

Weekly Date

Remember a few weeks ago, Gary took me out for my birthday? We hadn’t been out, just the two of us, since before the lockdown. We had so much fun! In fact, it felt so good just to be the two of us, we made the decision to prioritise ‘us’ in the future.

Since then we have had weekly dates to our favourite local Italian.

George, the man who runs it, is so welcoming. Mum and I used to eat there every Friday, so we know him really well. He always greets us with a hug and much Italian enthusiasm. I love eating there!

baked pizza on pizza peel in oven

We have the same food each week, which he knows without asking. It is served very quickly. In fact, drinks are served to us almost immediately after we sit down. Gary and I chat and laugh about our week. It feels so good to just be together ❤️

And now my girls are older, they are happy to cook. So, in general, I also don’t have to cook for anyone either! Given we have two dairy free, one gluten free and one vegetarian, I can make up to three different meals each night to make sure everyone gets what they need. To have even one night off is such a treat! Thank you girls!

Choir Performance

I sung in my very first choir performance! If that wasn’t big enough, I actually enjoyed it too! It was in a lovely country church and was at a church service about slavery and freedom. Both Gary and I had so much fun. It is the first thing Gary and I have done that we both enjoy, so to be able to do something together is very special.

Most of our children attended to support us, which was a slightly odd change of roles. It was lovely to catch their eye, and instead of me grinning encouragingly at them whilst they were singing, it was the other way round.

people standing inside church

And best of all, both Lillie and Charlotte are going to join us for the Wednesday evening choir practices! How special is that?!

Homemade Rolled Beeswax Candles

I have taken up a new hobby! Rolling beeswax to make candles is one of the most peaceful things I have ever done in my life. By its very nature, it is a slow craft and yet the results are relatively quick. So one is rewarded for their efforts that same night.

I roll my candles at night, using my trusty homemade craft board that Gary cut and sanded for me, and that I burnt hearts into and oiled.

I’m not able to do many in one row, because the wax can be quite sore on the hands. But given I can get lost in any activity I do, and suddenly it’s three in the morning…well, I can’t do that with the candles. So, it’s win win really 😉


  1. Wonderful that you added weekly date nights in!! That sounds so fun… lately our weekly “date night” we joke has been going grocery shopping together on Friday night after a quick dinner at home. It beats going alone and we do get to talk while walking around. I too ignore the news; when something big happens I still hear about it but otherwise I tend to be much happier not knowing. I have a tendency to get real anxious pretty easily and I realized years ago it wasn’t helping me to read about all these things that felt completely out of my control. SO I stopped and just focus on what is going on in our little corner of the world.

    1. There is so much out of our control now isn’t there. Scary times…but not in our own little corners of the world❤️

  2. There are truly horrific events happening around the globe. Your focus on making your home a safe and comforting place “against the ravages of every day 21st century living” is one of the best responses especially for your teens who are becoming more aware of what is going on around them. If only more people would do likewise, perhaps things would calm down a bit. I’m glad you’re taking time to do things you enjoy with your family. Your loved ones will never forget those times. Keep making happy memories (and blogging about them)!

    1. Yes, I think the teens are (world wide) the ones it is affecting the most. Sometimes we forget it is their futures that are at risk. Thank you for your lovely message ❤️

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