How to make a Viking Brooch

How to make a Viking Brooch

In this post I will show you how we made a Viking Brooch for next to nothing 🙂

Gather some card, glue and string.  We used fabric glue but really any strong glue would work.
Attach the string to the card in a pattern of your choice.  We needed two for each the girls and they needed to match.
Allow glue to dry.  Place, string down on a square of foil
Turn over the edges and stick with tape
Rub gently using your fingers to show the raised string pattern
Paint in bronze over the raised string area using acrylic paint.  It is worth getting the best acrylic paint you can afford when using gold, silver or bronze.  The less expensive ones are more opaque with considerably less colour in them.
Finish off by adding some jewels (I bought these in a toy shop with the collage bits) and tape a large nappy pin to the back
Using the nappy pin attach to two homemade necklaces to the brooches and pin on top of dress either side

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