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Growing Sibling Relations: Build a Junk Abandtosaurus!

One of my parenting goals has always been to have children who love each other and truly delight in each other.  One way I have found helpful in building these precious relationships is to make sure they have lots of time to just be together.  Obviously, in a family setting this happens naturally, however I do also make special provisions within our school timetable to ensure the children spend 1-2-1 or 2-2-1.

T adores his younger sisters and they adore him right back.  Yesterday his older twin sisters were doing some voluntary work with the local school.  Whilst there I asked if he would like to spend an hour or so with his younger siblings building a junk model.

Building a Junk Model Dinosaur

I had been collecting junk for this project for a while, so we got it all out and the children spent some time, led by T, figuring out which bits to use as a body, head etc:

Dinosaur-junk model

I had bought a roll of brown packing tape to cover the model in to make it look more dinosaur like without any paint:

Dinosaur-junk model-2

Soon it began taking form:

Dinosaurs-junk model-3

The little ones were so chuffed with it and thoroughly enjoyed sticking mince pie wrappers on its back.  They then used markies to create fingers, nose, mouth and other markings:

Dinosaur-junk model-4

And the final dinosaur model, with its dinosaur roaring makers:

Dinosaur-junk model-5

And from every, single possible angle:

Dinosaur-junk model-8

Dinosaur-junk model-9

Dinosaur-junk model-10

Dinosaurs-junk model-7

Dinosaurs-junk model-6

This became their favourite toy for the day, changing from dino to baby and back to dino:

Dinosaurs-junk model-11

Dinosaur-junk model-12

A was so concerned that he was a bit wobbly on his feet that she made him a walking stick attaching it to his hand/paw/claw:

Dinosaurs-junk model-13

And after bed it was left on the side as an ornament:

Dinosaur-junk model-14

And Gary’s reaction?  ‘What’s an elderly ET doing in our living room?’  Ha, it does look a bit ET-ish, doesn’t it?

They called it Abandtosaurus (A, B and T osaurus)!

9 comments on “Growing Sibling Relations: Build a Junk Abandtosaurus!

  1. Cute dinosaur (I thought it looked like ET too!) and even cuter brother-sister time.

  2. almostunschoolers

    The walking stick was a very nice touch. Love this!

  3. Haha, it does look like an elderly ET… sorry! 🙂 I blame the duct tape. Good on T for being such a wonderful big brother! And kudos to you and Gary for creating a wonderfully cohesive family!

    • We do try to work really hard on relationships. It is definitely one of my most important parenting goals. And yes, let’s blame the duct-tape, not our appalling dinosaur making skills!

  4. Ha ha ha ha, that is awesome! It looks like some of the projects my kiddos make from time to time complete with lots of tape.

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