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Ancient Celts Unit Study: A Field Trip to Butser Ancient Farm

Butser Farm-celts-homeschool-field trip

This was a field trip we took to Butser Ancient Farm, whilst we were studying the Ancient Celts in 2012.  It seems like yesterday!  B4 was a baby, so was in a sling for most of the time, but the older children thoroughly enjoyed themselves:

Butser Farm-homeschool-field trip-entrance

We focused on the round houses first:

Butser Farm-celts-homeschool-field trip-house

These were, as their name suggests, round with a hole in the roof.  Each house had a fire burning and it was easy to see just how smoky it could get:

Butser Farm-celts-homeschool-field trip-interior of house

The older girls tried their hand at baking some flat bread on the fire, which they could then eat with some of the honey produced by the farm:

Butser Farm-celts-homeschool-field trip-fireside

Butser Farm-celts-homeschool-field trip-cooking on fire

To the side, each house contained a huge weaving loom, where the women would have woven all the cloth required for their family.  Here you can see the way the walls had been decorated with pigment paint which the Celts would have made themselves:

Butser Farm-celts-homeschool-field trip-weaving-loom

Afterwards we were shown the outside loo.  It’s funny, this was much more developed than I thought it would have been.  Never the less, I’m fairly certain it would have been a bit chilly mid winter!

Butser Farm-celts-homeschool-field trip-outside loo

After perusing the insides for a while, we then went and tried out some of the outside activities.  grinding grain was a favourite and they were all surprised at just how hard it was.  Here is C doing it with just a large stone:

Butser Farm-celts-homeschool-field trip-grinding grain by hand

whilst L and T used the primitive stone mill which was marginally more productive and produced finer flour.  Here is L being shown how it works:

Butser Farm-celts-homeschool-field trip-grinding grain

and T feeling the flour it produced:

Butser Farm-celts-homeschool-field trip-grinding grain to flour

The children also tried their hand at an archaeological dig, which was quite productive:

Butser Farm-celts-homeschool-field trip-archeological dig

C with the head of a goat (?):

Butser Farm-celts-homeschool-field trip-archeological dig-find

T with some chards of pottery:

Butser Farm-celts-homeschool-field trip-archeological dig-clay chards

After we left we created some note pages of our visit:

Butser Farm-celts-homeschool-field trip-note page

as well as a collage from all the photos:

Butser Farm-celts-homeschool-field trip-collage of memories

Aaahhh, good times!

Butser Farm-celts-homeschool-field trip-

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8 comments on “Ancient Celts Unit Study: A Field Trip to Butser Ancient Farm

  1. The kids look so tiny compared to now. Isn’t it amazing how quick they grow.
    Blessings, Dawn

    • Yes, those tween years are such an ‘aging’ few years. They start as children and come out the other end almost as adults 🙂

  2. My, how they have grown. Looks like a fun trip.

  3. Haven’t the children grown in a short few years?!

    • Yes. How time flies 🙁 We just worked out that T only has two more years in our little homeschool.

  4. That is so cool they got to cook bread and eat it.

    • It was. I just hoped it hadn’t been handled by too many strangers before my children got to take a piece!

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