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Around the World with FIAR – Another Celebrated Dancing Bear {Russia}

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Unhappy with his lot in life working at the local hospital, Boris struggles to congratulate his friend Max who is a much ‘celebrated dancing bear’.  Max’ fame accentuates Boris’ discontent.  But worry not!  Max is on the case, as he kindly offers to teach Boris how to dance, so that he too can become ‘another celebrated dancing bear’

Goals this Week

  • To complete the FIAR study for Another Celebrated Dancing Bear
  • To learn about Russia using a literature based method
  • To create some Russian themed art
  • To learn a bit about Tchaikovsky

In My Book Box



Where on Earth is Russia?

We used the following books to learn a bit more about Russia in general:


and of course we built a puzzle of the world and the girls found all the continents we have learnt about so far as well as Russia:

Russian Inspired Art

We did some Russia inspired art using ArtAchieve as our art teacher.  We are huge fans of ArtAchieve as each lesson is very cultural and includes lots of facts about the country the art is inspired by.  This was a paint resist technique focusing on colour values:

Painted Russian Dolls

I had found this painted dolls kit in The Works at a fairly good price a few months back and the girls had been nagging to use it ever since:

The dolls were very small but they enjoyed painting them (even if it did take 2 1/2 minutes!):

And that’s it.  Nice and simple and it finished off our study of Asia perfectly, as we prepare to move into Europe.

5 comments on “Around the World with FIAR – Another Celebrated Dancing Bear {Russia}

  1. rawsonjl

    What a fun unit! We studied Russia when the Olympics were being held there and found so many wonderful books to enjoy. My middle son loves his nesting animal dolls but I adore that kit!

  2. Angel on the Square is an amazing book!

  3. Phyllis at All Things Beautiful

    It is fun seeing you teach your youngers as I have already seen your olders being taught! Reminds me of the good old days!

  4. I adore nesting dolls, I think they are the coolest thing.

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