One Year Pond Study Week 32: New Visitors of the Non-Feathered Kind

Our pond this week:


Our pond posts have been conspicuous only by there absence recently for which there has been a reason.  A couple of weeks ago we had a nasty (for Britain) storm and since then we have had new visitors at the pond:

Workers have cordoned off an area right next to our Ash tree
Workers have cordoned off an area right next to our Ash tree
A large area of the side of the pond has been blocked off using wooden stakes
A large area of the side of the pond has been blocked off using wooden stakes
And much tree felling has been going on
And much tree felling has been going on

Although at first we thought it was to do with the storm we have since learnt that it is part of the council’s ‘enhancement works’.  The pond is being drenched and wetland plants introduced to help with filtering and cleaning the water.  The pollarded trees are being managed and much greenery cut back.

We are unsure where this will leave our pond studies- whether we will follow the progress of the works or whether we move onto another pond in the same village.  For now we are biding our time, if for no other reason than wanting to make sure our feathered friends are okay.

The council has asked for volunteers to help maintain the pond and the three older children have made inquiries as to whether they are old enough to help.  This could be a wonderful opportunity if they are not too young.

For now though, I am not sure if we will be doing weekly posts.  We will still go down there and if we are able to take any photos I’ll make sure I post them.  Thank you to everyone who has followed our ponding adventures so far, hopefully these interventions will serve to enhance them rather than put a stop to them.





  1. That could be a wonderful opportunity for the kids if they are old enough to volunteer! It would also be interesting to note the quality of water before and after introduction of wetland plants…

  2. I guess change is a part of life, so we must go with it. I think it would be wonderful if the children could take part in the pond renovation. They certainly have an attachment to it. I am curious to see what happens.
    Have a wonderful day, Claire.

    1. It happens on a Sunday, so we won’t be able to do it. However, they have asked for the children’s input regarding the wild life as they want to put up a wildlife information board. So that will be quite fun, I think.

      1. That is a wonderful way to be involved in the pond restoration. I am anxious to hear what they are able to do. It will be a very unusual learning experience and an opportunity to take ownership in the pond.

  3. Oh no! My experience with a pond here that was “enhanced” was it ruined the poor thing and the charm of it. I’m hoping it doesn’t do that to your pond.

    That reminds me I need to check out our pond after the storm we had almost 2 weeks ago.

    1. It’s funny, as soon as we realised they were doing improvements I thought of you and your renovated pond. I do hope they don’t ruin it. I assume they know what they are doing though….

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