One Year Pond Study: Week 33 – A New Face

Here is our pond this week:


We had an impromptu visit to the pond this week.  Mum and I were driving home from our weekly shopping and we spotted a beautiful swan paddling about in the pond.  She quickly drove us home where we picked up the children and cameras and whizzed back down.  Swans are a rare sight in our pond and we didn’t want to miss it!

Mum and T11 admiring the swan
Mum and T11 admiring the swan
He was so friendly and peaceful.  He came straight up to us
He was so friendly and peaceful. He came straight up to us



What a wonderful treat, although sad that he was on his own.


  1. What a treat! I have never seen a swan in the “wild” – only those placed for show or in farms. You are quite lucky to have a pond with such diversity!

    1. I agree. The different birds seem to show up for a few days or weeks and then off they go again. Where I don’t know. We have a few good sized ponds where we live so maybe they fly from one to another?

  2. I love swans. He reminds me of one of my favorite books, Trumpet of the Swan. I read it aloud to my class every year. We reread it here at home just a year or so ago. Glad he came to make an appearance. God’s creation is amazing!
    Have a lovely week, Claire.

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