Plans for This Year


I can’t tell you how excited I am about the next few terms.  We’re moving into the Middle Ages, good and proper!  We will be studying from 1066 to 1465 and concentrating on British history, with a bit of European history thrown in for good measure.  As we learn everything bar maths and science from our history studies it will be quite in-depth and far-reaching.  We have six short terms.  I have planned for three.  Ahem.  I know myself too well.  EVERYTHING takes much longer than I anticipate.

All our lovely books for Term One
Some of our lovely books for this year
  • 1066 – 1200
  • Events running up to Battle of Hastings
  • Battle of Hastings
  • Bayeux tapestry
  • William I, II, Henry I, Stephen, Matilda and Henry II
  • Normans and their effect on the British
  • Domesday book
  • Introduction of knights to England
  • Castles
  • Feudal system
  • Becket
  • Literature study: Dante,  Anthology of Middle Age Poetry
  • Artist study: Giotto
  • Composer study:  Guillaume de Machaut
  • Hymnist : Bernard de Clairveaux
  • Medieval cooking from after William I arrived in Britain
  • Field trips to as many castles as we can fit in and of course to the Tower of London (first built by William I)
  • And lots and lots of fun, hands on learning, including:
Of course some dressing up, with lots more available.....
Of course some dressing up, with lots more available…..
Armour to be made
Armour to be made
As always bits for the little ones to help them feel included!
As always bits for the little ones to help them feel included!
Shields to decorate with our own designed coat of arms
Shields to decorate with our own designed coat of arms
  • T10 will continue with Saxon 76
  • L10 and C10 will begin Mathusee Delta
  • We will do a bit of hands on maths
  • We will finish learning about bones in Chapter two of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Gary will start spelling with the older ones, along side perfecting their tables, which they know, but I’d like them to know them without thinking about it.
  • I am planning to make an English folder for them to help with the edit of their own work, encouraging more independence
  • we will also do an explorer study on Marco Polo
  • A4 will go onto her next Jolly Phonics books having learnt to read her first set of words from book one.
  • She will also continue with Mathusee Primer, which to be honest is a little too easy for her.  We’ll see, but we may well start her on Alpha.
  • Our BFIAR books will be The Snowy Day, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, If Jesus came to my house, and Angus Lost
  • I will be working very hard to get B1 in a more structured routine, with lots of activities and some time outdoors everyday.  I also want her to join in with B4FIAR and for her to have more 1-2-1 time with me


  1. maybe u shouldn’t give up the coffee just yet. lol. look forward to hearing and seeing how it all goes xx

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