South America Unit Study


Yeeeehaa!  My unit study all about South America and the rainforest is done and dusted and is now posted all in one place 🙂  Enjoy!

Part 1: South America: Learning through Literature

Ribbet collagesa3

Part 2: Project Based Learning: South American Animals

Ribbet collagessa3

Part 3: South America Adventure box 

jungle fun summer adventure box

Part 4: Where in the World?  


Part 5: South America: Cookie map


Part 6: Dr Seuss: If I Ran a Rainforest

South America-jungle-rainforest-diorama-4

Part 7: FIAR: The Gully Washer {Colombia and The Water Cycle}

columbia 5

Part 8: Magic Tree House book: Adventure in the Amazon {Brazil and Adaptations}  


Part 9: FIAR: Henry the Castaway {Venezuela, Colombia and Rivers}  


Part 10: Magic school Bus: In the Rain Forest {Bolivia, Paraguay and Chocolate Production


Part 11:   FIAR: Salamander Room {Peru, Ecuador and Food Chains}


Part 12: South America- The Vanishing Rainforests  {Atacama Desert (Chile), The Patagonian Desert (Argentina)}


South American Artist Study: Santiago Pol


Review: EdTechLens Rainforest Journey

Rainforest Journey EdTechLens Review

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