South America Unit Study

South America Unit Study


Yeeeehaa!  My unit study all about South America and the rainforest is done and dusted and is now posted all in one place 🙂  Enjoy!

Part 1: South America: Learning through Literature

Ribbet collagesa3

Part 2: Project Based Learning: South American Animals

Ribbet collagessa3

Part 3: South America Adventure box 

jungle fun summer adventure box

Part 4: Where in the World?  


Part 5: South America: Cookie map


Part 6: Dr Seuss: If I Ran a Rainforest

South America-jungle-rainforest-diorama-4

Part 7: FIAR: The Gully Washer {Colombia and The Water Cycle}

columbia 5

Part 8: Magic Tree House book: Adventure in the Amazon {Brazil and Adaptations}  


Part 9: FIAR: Henry the Castaway {Venezuela, Colombia and Rivers}  


Part 10: Magic school Bus: In the Rain Forest {Bolivia, Paraguay and Chocolate Production


Part 11:   FIAR: Salamander Room {Peru, Ecuador and Food Chains}


Part 12: South America- The Vanishing Rainforests  {Atacama Desert (Chile), The Patagonian Desert (Argentina)}


South American Artist Study: Santiago Pol


Review: EdTechLens Rainforest Journey

Rainforest Journey EdTechLens Review

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