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Our Monday started, after Thomas, A9 and Gary had been to ‘Encounters’, a praise and worship night which Gary led.  Special things happened that night.  Friendships were consolidated, prophesies shared and the presence of God was there throughout.  The girls were sad to miss it, but baby sitting for their God-son more than made up for it.  They adore that little boy:

I missed it as well, and was frankly bummed I wasn’t there.  But my littlest wasn’t well, so we made the best of the situation by making Marmite sandwiches, changing into our pjs and snuggling down together to watch reruns of the Gilmore Girls.  A peculiar choice you might think given B is only six, but she loves the fact that it is about a girl and her mum.  B6 and I have a very close relationship so she always draws parallels between their tv mother and daughter fun times and our fun times.  Lots of snuggling goes on <3

So after late nights all round I was expecting some resistance to school and getting up the next day.  I needn’t have worried.  Charlotte was up and had gone for a jog (!), after which she played a game of Monopoly with her littlest sister (who is not well and still in her pyjamas):

Lillie hunkered down to do some Bible study with A9, teaching her truths from her very favourite book of all time:

Thomas, mean while, had to sit and write an essay about his perfect job.  He was less than impressed 🙂

After Thomas had written his essay, he always has some time at the skate park to ‘get over’ the whole writing experience!  After which he comes home for some dictation from me to see where his spelling weaknesses are so we can get them sorted by the time his exam comes about.  I also give him some of the spellings I have noticed in his daily writing.  I have to say, he is soooo much better than he was this time last year.  He then pops off to make a huge pot of tea and some toast for morning meeting:

Meanwhile Lillie is does a bit of work towards her Jewellery Business diploma:

Charlotte finishes off a past paper for her English Literature IGCSE in January, and the little ones are round at Granny’s schooling with her.  By 1030 we are all ready for a snack (when are we not?!), so enjoy a huge pot of tea and some toast during our morning meeting:

Right now, morning meetings are nothing more than a stop point in our day to spend time with each other.  I need to get back to a bit of Bible but right now hanging out seems just what we all need given the seriousness of our school days:

We laugh lots, tease each other waaaay more than we should and generally shake away the pressures of IGCSEs…..how beautiful is Charlotte’s smile?  I love my guys so much <3

Then we have lots and lots of learning time before lunch.  Charlotte does some Latin for an hour:

Whilst her twin does some art, learning about Cezanne for her Level Two BTEC.  The littles and I do some Life of Fred maths and then some bubble maths outside:

Thomas does maths for an hour, then starts a new assignment for his IGCSE Maths.

I make leek and potato soup with garlic croutons for lunch and we all spend an hour away from the books, enjoying the sunny weather:

Afternoon comes around far too quickly as the older ones hit the books, Charlotte studying for her Law GCSE for an hour, whilst Lillie works on her photography diploma, finding out about the history of photography and learning how to age her own photos.  She has to concentrate on the 1800’s and so chooses to age one of our ‘formal’ steam punk Victorian Christmas photos:

Ahhh, lovely memories <3

Thomas continues with his biology and after which he spends some time with me going over the next past paper he needs to do.  He then goes round to my mum’s to get the peace and quiet to actually sit the paper.  I work with the little ones on their astronomy, learning about eclipses:

Three o’clock comes along, and we do a quick tidy up in readiness for Manna Dance, which all the children go to bar B6 who is too young.  Thomas doesn’t dance but is part of the worship session they have at the end of the dance class.  He, Gary and his close friend Noah practice the worship set whilst everyone dances and then go in at the end, play the songs whilst some dance, some pray and some sing.

We end the day with a chicken noodle soup in my fandabydosy new slow cooker I was gifted for my birthday from my lovely friends, pop the littles into bed and enjoy watching an episode of Person of Interest on Netflix and finally tuck down for the night.

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  1. Sounds like a busy and full day! It must be nice to be so close to everything to be able to fit so much in like popping over to the skate park or to grandma’s. We live so far from anything and everything that going anywhere takes up lots of time. I also envy that your guys will be happy with soup twice in the same day. Mine complain that they are hungry if I just serve souo, even once during a day!

  2. You guys sure get a lot accomplished each day! Your Thomas reminds me of our T, hiding from photos or allowing only back shots. I don’t even have a blog any longer and he’s still like that! 🙂
    Hugs from Canada!

  3. That’s a full day! I love seeing parents of teens enjoying being with their teens. I’ve worried so much about these years and now that we are starting them, I look for inspiration of those who enjoy them.

    Also, I LOVE your stove!!

  4. I had the same thought about your stove as the commenter above. 🙂 That stove is a beauty!

    But your family is more beautiful. You are a wonderful mother!

    I like my teens, too. Just last night we had half a dozen extra teens come over for popcorn and games, and they were all so fun.

  5. I’m right at the beginning of the homeschooling journey – just dipping my toe in, really, with my 3-year-old girl. This was a fantastic read, just to get a sense of how a homeschooling day might pan out. Your kids are fantastically disciplined! And I really admire the way you all follow a sort of schedule together, while still being able to do a wide range of activities. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog – I sense a lot of wisdom can be gleaned from your words 🙂

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