A Midsummer Night’s Themed Twelfth Birthday


K had her twelfth birthday during the Shakespeare summer, so how could I not put together a lightly themed Midsummer Night’s Dream birthday party for her?

We all got in on it, and worked hard to get the room ready for a lunchtime tea party:

Ribbet collage1

We threw lights on everything we possibly could and added a few fairies, and created a fun flowery picnic on the floor:


Candles were lit and sprinkles were sprunkled everywhere:

Ribbet collage3

We made a special display of her main present, a picture of a flower fairy around which we had written all the things we appreciated about K:

Ribbet collage2

K had no idea and when she saw it her face was a picture:


Ribbet collage4

She explored a bit, posing by her picture for a photo (how gorgeous is she?):


Then she was given her first clue in a very special Shakespeare Treasure Hunt, written in Shakespearean rhyme (very badly, by me…).  Each time she figured out what the clue meant, it led to one of her presents with another clue attached in an envelope.  Such fun!  She had seven clues for seven presents:

Ribbet collage6

Ribbet collage5

After the treasure hunt was finished, K sat down to open up all her gifts:

Ribbet collage7

Then it was picnic time.  We had made a picnic full of tiny food (fairy food) and it was delish!


Afterwards, we danced, played with B and K’s life sized teddy bears and learnt absolutely no Shakespeare at all!


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