A Pair of Red Clogs {FIAR}

A pair of red clogs

This week we have been rowing Five in Row book, A Pair of Red Clogs:

A pair of red clogs

Mako’s delight in her new pair of wooden clogs is almost contagious.  The little Japanese girl is so proud of her new clogs which are painted with red lacquer that shone beautifully. Alas, she cracks her shoes playing the weather-telling game and was so disappointed and desperate for a new pair of untarnished clogs that she is almost dishonest….

Goals for Rowing A Pair of Red Clogs

  • Complete the FIAR study to include the fold and learn for A Pair of Red Clogs
  • Learn a bit more about China
  • To learn about the national animal of China, the Panda
  • And to finish a lap book about the Panda

These were my plans, but to be honest, A Pair of Red Clogs played second fiddle to some in depth learning about China’s national treasure, the Giant Panda.  We had been a bit lax in A8’s endangered animals project, so when I began reading the chosen books this week the little ones became completely absorbed by them.  So I just went along with their chosen rabbit trail….

Asia: In My Book Box

These are the books the girls and I have been reading to go along with our study into A Pair of Red Clogs:

A pair of red clogs
A pair of red clogs
A pair of red clogs

A Pair of Red Clogs: Activities

National Animal of China: Panda

I had purposefully chosen the Panda to be the next animal A8 studies for her endangered animal project because I knew we would be covering China in our geography studies this term.

Panda Copywork

A pair of red clogs

Panda Lapbook

We glued all the panda pieces onto card and then stuck them in A8’s Endangered Animals Scrapbook:

A pair of red clogs

Panda Dress Up

Panda Art

I asked Lillie and Grace to try out an oil pastel on Creating a Masterpiece of a panda.  It was too hard for the younger ones to do but I though Grace and Lillie did a fab job:

A pair of red clogs

Where on Earth do you find the Giant Panda?

We pasted three pandas on our maps in the three provinces they are found:

  • Gansu
  • Shaanxi
  • Sichuan

A pair of red clogs
A Pair of Red Clogs

Panda Snack

To finish off the week we made a cute panda snack from black berries and Greek yogurt, and watched A8’s Giant Panda DVD:

This was a lot more relaxed and child led than my past studies, which felt rather nice 🙂

Next week we are learning about Israel using Mrs Kato and Tush.

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