A Surprise Day Out

This morning Gary and I were woken up at 6.50am by a cute little three year old repeating the word beach over and over.  I turned over and went back to sleep expecting her to climb in next to me and snuggle down.  She didn’t.  She was very shortly joined by her brother and sisters excitedly exclaiming (at the same time) about how they had all got up at 6am and packed the car up to go to the beach.  One might assume that since I have been sleeping at night I would bounce out of bed in the morning, ready to face the day with a spring in my step.  Nothing, and I do mean nothing, could be further from the truth.  I grunt spectacularly well during my first hour or so, with absolutely nothing intelligible coming from my mouth.

It took me a while to come to the realisation that if they had packed the car, and were expecting to go to the beach, someone (ie Gary or me) would have to drive them there (an hour drive away).  And in order to do that we would need to get our bodies out of bed and into the car.

After much grunting and muttering on my behalf about the fact it was before 7am and therefore still night-time, and were they sure they wanted to go to the beach now, and had they brushed their teeth, changed B3 out of her night-time nappy into knickers, eaten something for breakfast, and did they know it was before 7 in the morning???

After promises of freshly made lattes en route I managed to find my way to the car, thanking God that Gary was off work and could drive.  After all, I was struggling to remember where the car was let alone the coast!  Fifteen minutes later we were on our way, latte in hand and life was looking good again.  I was with my family, on our way to the beach, in a car jam-packed with so much stuff there was barely room for any people.  It didn’t matter.  We were together, and heading towards our favourite place on earth – the beach:


The tide was out and despite the fact we were the only people at the beach at such an early hour, it was warm and the children were just itching to get into the water:


And there we stayed for the morning before heading home for lunch:

Ribbet collagebeach1

Ribbet collagebeach4

Ribbet collagebeach2

Ribbet collagebeach3

A lovely day out, doing very little, and when we got home Gary (with a bit of help) began putting up 11 shelves for all the books which currently have no home:


Life doesn’t get much better…


  1. The children are really growing up, Claire. I love how you write it makes me smile. You are a blessed family.x

    1. Hi Caroline. I’m now completely up to date with the goings on in Israel. I’m so pleased your are away from the worst of it. Have you got your computer yet? I’d be thrilled to get your views and experiences in Israel up on my blog.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day. I have to agree I would be rather groggy going to the beach at 7 AM.

    1. No, day time starts here waaaaay too early too. Me? I’m a night owl, or at least I was until I started sleeping. Now I just want to be in bed from 10pm and not get out until 8am!!

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