A Year in the Life of a Home-Schooling Family: Day 115

We only did a half day today, as this afternoon I was out for lunch with mum; Becs had gymnastics for an hour; Abigail had a friend round and then they were off to drama class and we are hosting the youth group tonight, feeding them to boot… all without a husband in sight! So we decided to play hooky for the afternoon 🙂

This morning began as normal with Thomas going to work, Lillie doing a maths lesson (the same one from yesterday when she only got 20% compared with today when she got 70%! What a difference a day makes!), Charlotte practising her Latin vocab with Granny and me doing lots of read aloud with the girls. First, I tested them on their Latin vocab and tables; next I continued reading out chapter two on seeds from their botany book and the next lesson on Democritus from the Science in Ancient Times book; lastly, I went through two exercises from Stage II of Cambridge Latin and went over chapter one from Minimus Latin. The girls then left to do their workbooks:

Charlotte stayed at Granny’s to do her Aeneas learning:

Before break, I tested Charlotte on all she had learnt whilst Lillie did some art with the littles. I grabbed a photo of them with their last Art Lab art work which I just stuck up. Our art gallery is expanding all the time…

This next Art Lab was using oil pastels. First they practiced by drawing a small teddy on a wooden bowl:

They all did so well, given it was there first ever time using the oil pastels as an art medium:

We all had a deep and meaningful conversation about the benefits of in depth Bible studies… which led to a chat about teen discussions and encouraging teens to voice their thoughts…which led to another discussion about the importance of tackling difficult subjects which might be pertinent to teens… there was a lot of chatting today! I extricated myself and encouraged them to have their usual devotions, which just a couple of minutes later they did:

I thought they looked so cute! Tigger looks like he is reading Abs’ Bible study over her shoulder:

And the girls had been fighting over who was going to get the chair. I’ll spare you of the hilarious photos of them staking their claims! I love my four girls so much – we have so much fun together!

During our second session of home-school, Charlotte sat a Latin language past paper, Lil did some photography course work and the littles learnt how to write out a scientific experiment:

They then checked on their seeds and graphed any changes (none):

Whilst I went out to lunch at our favourite Italian in the village, the littles finished up their work books before having lunch.

Right now, the older girls have taken their younger sisters charity shopping before the busyness of the late afternoon hits. I need to tidy up before youth get here.

Gary is back tomorrow, from Slovenia, and Lillie wants to get in her penultimate photography project, and needs to me to check through it. It’s 40 pages plus long, so I have decided that we are just going to do the bare minimum tomorrow. Charlotte will do her normal revision for her exams, Lil will help the Littles get through all six of their workbooks and also do some cooking, needle work and art with them.

Have a great night everyone!

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