A Year in the Life of a Home-Schooling Family: Day 155

I was determined to get myself out of bed, dressed and public-ready before eight. Becca has been having episodes of breathlessness and irregular heart beats, so I wanted to get an appointment at the GP’s surgery just to make sure it was nothing serious. She complains a lot about feeling tired, so I wanted to check the two weren’t linked in any way. The best way to guarantee an appointment is to actually go up to the surgery to physically book one rather than phone, hence the need to get up early.

Once that was over and done with, we started school. The older girls were home, and as Lillie had work at 12, she needed to get started early if she was to finish all five of her GCSE subjects. Our goal with her is to finish all the GCSE books before Christmas and then revise full on until the exams in June. This means on a Tuesday and Thursday she will need to work full on to get all her work done as well as actually going to employment as well:

I love all her inspirational quotes she collects

Charlotte, bless her, has begun her mathematical hike to ensure she passes her exam in a few weeks time. She is less than impressed! – And is very vocal about her hatred of all things numerical:

The littles began their workbooks:

Whilst I caught up on some seriously needed coffee drinking! After I had sorted out a few issues with Charlotte’s computer course, and had the girls do some tables flash cards together, I went over their Latin vocab with them – can you believe that they know more than 100 Latin words off by heart in just a few months?

I read out the next Mystery of History lesson on Samuel from the Bible, and read some more of the botany lesson on flowers, after which I sent the girls out to find a couple of monocotyledons and a couple of dicotyledons from the garden to press and use to make some pressed flower home-made cards:

The girls arranged the flowers on two sheets of paper:

and we placed them over the top of each other and under a realm of paper to squash down. We then headed over to mum’s garden to hunt for some seeds:

It was a bit early in the year, but we did find some in the trusty poppies…

The girls collected a few, and I added some sunflower seeds and some pumpkin seeds. They labeled their seed envelopes, and stuck them in their notebooks:

The girls then completed some dictation, and afterwards designed the seed coat that they would like to wear if they were a seed:

The girls really enjoyed this activity, and whilst they designed I read out a few chapters from The Secrets of Vesuvius. They were chuffed with their designs:

Their last activity was to pick the black currents and raspberries which had ripened since yesterday:

Whilst all this was going on, Charlotte was forcing herself to do her màths, and Lillie had finished all her school work and was painting onto her new pair of jeans:

She in incapable of leaving anything as is. She has to tweak, and make her mark. She’s pretty good at it too!

Just before I left for lunch with my mum, I grabbed a photo of Gary with his girls:

He then gave Lillie a lift to work, whilst Charlotte made lunch for her and the littles and I left with mum.

I had plans to do a bit more school once I got home after lunch. Mum and I ended up staying out for over two hours, by which point it was time to leave for Becs doctor’s appointment.

Have a great night everyone!

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