A Year in the Life of a Homeschooler: Day 23

We have all had a wonderful day today! As Gary pointed out, February isn’t actually here yet, so I decided to tell my February bloooos that they were too early. So there.

Poor ol’ Becs still isn’t 100% and really didn’t feel up to school today. I asked what she’d like to do, thinking I’d pop her into my bed and she could relax there whilst everyone else worked. But she tipped her head, and said ‘I’d like to snuggle. With you.’ Well, how could I turn that down? I am always available for snuggles. I did think though, that perhaps we’d get a bit of her school work done if I offered to help. So that’s what we did- snuggled and worked:

Abigail finished all her books alone and remarkably quickly at that! Granny bought her an MP3 player for Christmas and she has started to listen to her music whilst studying. I wasn’t sure at first whether it was a help or a hindrance, but I think now the novelty of touching the buttons all the time has worn off, it is actually helping her to concentrate. Yay!

Charlotte was learning about Heracles and his 12 labours, which I would be testing her on later on. She also continued with her reading of both the Iliad and the Odyssey, as well as Ovid’s Metamorphosis. She completed some past exam questions for me.

Lillie had work today, so she needed to really focus on getting all her work done before leaving to walk the 40 minutes to the nursery. She did brilliantly. Here she is saying goodbye to her sisters before heading off:

We had lunch a bit early today, meaning we had finished before twelve. As quiet time is from one onwards, I decided to cram in a little bit more science and history. I read the chapter about Jacob and Esau, from the Mystery of History, and we discussed some of the activities we would be doing to complement the lesson. And I continued with the Apologia Astronomy text book, reading the next bit in the Space Rocks chapter, all about comets. The girls completed some copy work and the vocabulary story in their student books before heading off for quiet time:

During quiet time, I created some activity pages to go along with the lesson on Jacob and Esau, caught up on my emails, and photocopied some pictures of space rocks and comets for the girls to stick into their student books:

After quiet time, Charlotte headed off with Becca to make some cinnamon buns:

whilst Abigail and I had our weekly chemistry lesson. Today, Abigail grew tin dendrites in a petri dish using an electric current:

I’m so impressed by Ab’s subscription to MEL chemistry. Each experiment works so well and are organised to enable even the most unscientific person to succeed:

They include how to tidy up as well, so Abigail also learns how to safely dispose of different chemicals:

Knowing it was a cold day and Gary would appreciate any efforts to warm him up on his return from work, I ran him a hot bath, boiled the kettle for tea and prepared him some malt bread. He is currently washing away the grub of the day, Charlotte has popped over to a friend’s house, Becca is snuggled up watching a video, Abigail is searching online to buy herself a lamp to go in her science area, and I am getting ready to pick up Lillie from work.

We will then be feasting on pesto salmon with new potatoes and veg, before Abigail goes off to choir, and Becca and I go and snuggle down for an early night.

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