A Year in the Life of a Homeschooling Family: Day 10 (Written by Charlotte Aged 16 1/2…Apparently)

Hey everyone, Charlotte here!

Today I was given the honour of writing the ‘Day in the Life’ blog post. You may be wondering why? Allow me to enlighten you.

Today Mum decided that she would abandon all of us to go with her mum up to London to see Wicked! I have been left (in charge…mwhahaha) at home with the little ones as Dad is at work, Thomas is at college doing collegy stuff and Lillie is playing with other small children, getting paid at the same time. Please note that I am not getting paid for my work with the sisters. *Siiiigh*

Once Mother had left with the Grandmother, the small ones continued with their school work, finishing their work books, both with their headphones on. (Can you see my influence here?)

And me? Well I sat down to begin writing this and so procrastinating with maths, which, if you ask me, is a very wise decision. Don’t ask anyone else, they won’t agree.

I personally think mum shouldn’t have left me in charge because I have a condition called being unable to take anything seriously. But in a good way, y’know?

Becca has just finished her work books and is currently on her tablet whilst Abs is just finishing hers, but what is school without a conversation about smelling water? Yes, this is an actual conversation we, (they) just had. Anyway, mum asked me to do a bit of educating the siblings whilst she was gone.

We started off with Rebecca teaching me Algebra. So much for procrastinating! I still don’t understand but I don’t think that that is my fault. I’m not sure my teacher quite understood what she was teaching me anyway.

And she chose the name of the class, I promise 😉

Whilst we were doing this Abigail managed to get her hands on MY school books, choosing to read Metamorphosis by Ovid. Upside down. Hmmm.

Once we had completed all this advanced education, we sat down with lunch. Now this would be my favourite time of the day as food is very important to me. I can’t live without it (hardy ha ha!). Whilst eating, the small one’s watched some tv whilst I caught up on some online reading and emails. (Not really, I was mainly on YouTube but reading and emails sounds more adult!). Moving on rather swiftly…

Following lunch, the mail came, which somehow resulted in a tickle fight. For those of you who don’t know I am the most ticklish in the family and being attacked by two children dead set on tickling me wasn’t ideal for me. So, I ran, obviously, to where the technology lies because they wouldn’t want to break the technology.

 Lillie then returned from getting paid to play with children. I’m still not getting paid. However, we were all very pleased to see her. She is as fresh a face as one can be when one has a twin 🙂

I then went to bath (because cleanliness is a thing) whilst the small ones went to quiet time. The house was vaguely silent for a small while……but not for long.

I wasn’t even out of the bath before my youngest sister was screaming at me about board games. The minute I joined her though she disappeared to do some crafting. Lillie was doing her maths and complaining about the fact that even though she was crippled she could still run faster than me and would hit me with a pillow. Amusing I’m sure.

Abigail had appeared in a lab coat and gloves and was collecting saliva samples from those who were in the house. I gently declined. She went on to give up on that, unable to find anyone willing to spit in a jar for her. She then blew up one of her surgical gloves, something scientific I would assume (And by blow up I mean she filled it with air, rather than making it combust, just felt the need to clarify):

During the afternoon Becca was up and down the stairs and Abs was in and out the door whilst the twin and I were both working at our respective computers. And by working, I mean she did her school work and I caught up on some writing that I had missed over the last few days due to a slight lapse in energy.

Lillie has just flopped onto the sofa screaming because, ‘this is the first time I have ever sat down today.’ She’s lying down and laughing hysterically about art, I fear she may be losing it…

Rebecca just ran downstairs with a pile of stuff she crafted to show me and set up in a shop like manner, becoming increasingly excited when she finds out that I have friends on their way round:

After about two hours of socializing, with regular interruptions from the twin and the small ones, myself and Kez run downstairs to see Thomas who has just returned from College. Obviously Kez and I greet him normally with…hmmm, maybe I’ll leave that bit out…I don’t want mum to be too shocked at the content of her latest post. Instead I shall leave you with a picture of Kez and her foot:

Food is currently on, Lillie and Kez are finding out what their Harry Potter houses are and the little ones are watching tv. I’m sitting at the bottom of the stairs finishing this blog post.

Life is good.  


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