A Year in the Life of a Homeschooling Family: Day 25

Yesterday, Lillie was up at 630 and on her way to work by 715, having made breakfast and lunch for herself and done all her chores. Then she walked home, completed all her school work, after which she and her sister caught the train to town and studied in Starbucks for a change of scenery. Needless to say, Lillie felt like it was a good day. In fact, she was flying so high on the wings of her success she decided that she would get up early every day.

This morning came, and I was woken at eight with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. It had been the best night’s sleep I had had since the family came down with the infection a couple of weeks ago. I felt soooo good. Lil came in, woke me up with a coffee and then proceeded to tell me she had made up a bed for Becca, who was still feeling rotten, on the sofa, medicated her with Calpol, and made up porridge oats for everyone for breakfast. She was like super-woman on speed!

Thomas was also up early, making sure his bathroom chores were done and a bath was had before his driving instructor came and picked him up for his first lesson. When I actually got dressed and entered the land of the living he was strumming away on a banjo type instrument (Charlotte, over my shoulder – ‘It’s a mandolin mother, a m-a-n-d-o-l-i-n‘… Yes, thank you darling.)

People in this house have far too much energy in the morning…

Poor ol’ Thomas, he was just trying to relax in time for his first driving lesson at 930. He was obviously a bit concerned, because here is his Instagram half an hour before he was due to go out:

His driving instructor, the husband of a my lovely friend Helen, arrived and agreed readily to a photo! Thanks Steve!

One hour later, he arrived home with a smile on his face, having thoroughly enjoyed his first experience in a car. Charlotte bounded over to him, exclaiming her support and praise!

Becca spent the morning snuggled up:

whilst Abigail, who has been storming through her work this week, struggled to get going on her maths:

But she thoroughly enjoyed her science, making a card stethoscope and listening to Becca’s heart beat:

She then had to time how many beats per minute Becca’s heart did:

Charlotte, having been ousted from her place on the sofa, completed her work at the table:

Lunchtime soon rolled about, and after a morning of testing various children on their learning this week, and planning Charlotte’s Latin for next week, I was totally up for a break. Thursdays are the day Mum and I put aside to have lunch together a catch up on the week’s comings and goings. We go to the little Italian in the village. They do such delicious food, and we have become quite friendly with the owners over the past year or so. It has fast become one of my favourite times of the week!

This afternoon and evening are busy with activities out of the house. Abigail goes to theatre and drama classes with her lovely friend Evie-Mai; the girls have youth group and Becca and I have some snuggling to catch up on. Have a great evening everyone!

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  1. Love it! I am a morning person myself and just love to get everything done as soon as I can so I can relax and enjoy my afternoon. I think I’ve gotten most of kids to agree with that too.

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