A Year in the Life of a Homeschooling Family: Day 29

As is always the case on a Monday, all the girls teamed together to help Lillie finish the kitchen (chores never seem to be fully done on a Sunday evening!):

Thomas: Hey mum, I’m going to spend the morning in the shed writing

Me: You what now?!

That’s a sentence I never expected to come out of my son’s mouth!

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and I asked Abigail to help Becs if she needed it. Just as I was saying good-bye, I spotted Abs helping Becs, and it made my heart sing:

Once I got back, I was finally able to have some breakfast. Abigail (who is wearing her home-made super-hero’s outfit) read about ‘Space Rocks’ from the Apologia text book, to Becs and I, in preparation for the activities I had planned after I’d eaten:

Lil was working on her psychology:

with a tea made by her youngest sister in the newest addition to her yellow collection (Lillie is mad about yellow…her bedroom is yellow, her clothes are yellow, now her cup…):

Charlotte, who is feeling much better and seems to have almost recovered completely from the ME, has decided that she wants to push forward with her GCSEs this year instead of next. That means fitting in courses generally taken over 2 years over 12 weeks:

Notice her move from the couch to the table. This girl means business!

And here is Thomas, doing some of his college work. It feels just like having my full quota of students again!

I do love my boy!

The little ones and I had a go at creating representative models of different space rocks to help them remember which is which. Note I said representations. I have a seven year old with perfectionist tendencies and she gets quite frustrated when things aren’t exactly how they should be.

I knew that bowl of snow I collected at midnight last week would come in handy!

The girls made models of a comet, a meteor, an asteroid, a meteoroid and a meteorite:

After they had finished, they gave a quick presentation to their sisters:

Whilst I was making lunch, I captured the twins being all cute together:

I love that the girls are so close:

I’d just put out lunch when I heard a squeal from the bathroom (bearing in mind, the bathroom is a room off the kitchen). Charlotte was literally on top of the bath, pretending to be Lord of the Ring’s Gollum…Where do I get my children from?!

Don’t worry, Gary, I told her baths were not for standing on and would she please dismount. Which she did.

This afternoon, the littles are tidying their bedroom, crafting some thank you cards and watching the Magic School Bus episode about the planets, and the episode about the earth and how islands are made. Abigail has also decided that she’d like to do a presentation on her hypothesis on how the asteroid belt was made. She has even made a display board:

The twins have walked to the top of the village to a quaint coffee shop there and plan on coffee-ing and studying at the same time, thus giving them a change of scene. Thomas is working on someone’s garden and Gary is currently bathing. I plan on writing a post for the weekend, doing a bit of planning for tomorrow’s school and then making a start on dinner. Everyone is in tonight, so it promises to be a nice relaxing evening.


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