A Year in the Life of a Homeschooling Family: Day 33

Usually Fridays are a relaxed affair, kind of like a catch up day, making sure everything I had planned gets done. Today was no different. Charlotte worked hard at completing chapter one of her Latin textbook and her reading for classics. She had a couple of new books be delivered, one about Homer and the other about Mycenae. She was thrilled! Charlotte also put in an order for Juvenal’s Satires ‘just for fun’. Oh my, I am/was an avid reader but she has faaaaarrr surpassed my reading ability:

Lillie was stuck in her office answering past exam questions about DNA replication so I was sure that she completely understood. I often smile at the educational methods she employs to learn her work. Once an artist, always an artist:

The little ones started and finished their work books early today, so we got to the business of making Egyptian flat bread:

I had made a very simple coat of many colours for our Joseph doll, which Abigail was delighted with:

Abigail also had her next Curiosity Box delivered:

This month’s box was all about bodily functions (!):

The littles had a friend round this afternoon and they made the edible poo together. Yummy…

Charlotte and I spent the afternoon translating a Latin paragraph together. I do it with her to make sure she understands the why of each translation rather than it being guess work. It is a hard slog though because neither of us are very proficient yet. Lillie finished her photography for the day and completed her biology, exclaiming every now and again how much she loved being busy and stretched with her schooling. Such a difference from last year!

Becca has gymnastics this afternoon, and the teens are going to a youth event at the local church. I am going to do a bit of school planning with the aim of reducing the ten hour stint I did last Saturday. I really need to organise myself so that I keep my weekends free. Gary is on his way home and will be mending the fence which is threatening to fall down atop Thomas’ van thanks to storm Eric.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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