A Year in the Life of a Homeschooling Family: Day 18

Just a quickie post today, to avoid repetition of yesterday’s post 🙂

The littles are feeling much better and have done all their school work this morning. I had decided that I would do half days today and tomorrow, as Lil was getting a bit agitated at the thought of getting behind.

The younger two set up their spa in the afternoon, and I got a head massage and hair treatment (hand cream, I think it was today!) all for the bargainacious price of £1.50! They then managed to persuade Lillie to part with her hard-earned cash and gave her a manicure:

Whilst Oscar looked on:

Lillie was also feeling less ill than yesterday, although the infection has gone straight to her ears (her weak area) and she is now deaf in one ear. Hopefully that won’t evolve into an ear infection.

Thomas had the day off college, and although still feeling rough, was determined to be productive today. He posted a youtube video, did some research for one of his assignments:

After which he offered to take his little sisters to the park. They were delighted, as you can see:

Poor old Gary has been hit hard with this infection, and is currently in bed. He has had to go to work each day this week because he was in charge, but has tomorrow and Saturday as his scheduled days off this week. Hopefully that will give him a chance to sleep it off and recover somewhat.

We’ll probably do another half day tomorrow, then back to normal next week. That’s my plan, anyway 🙂

Just as an aside, thank you to all of you who are leaving messages on my blog. I read every single one, even though I am not responding. I am inching my way back into the blogging world, adding a bit more each week, and trying to balance it with school and home life. But I do love hearing from you all! xx

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