ACE Workbooks

I wanted to have a record of all the children learnt last term. It was not nearly as productive as I would have liked, but they did their work books religiously every day and as I am writing out the contents of each, I am struck by just how much they learnt.

This half term I will be tentatively adding more of our usual fun schooling. I am not ready for full on school yet, but am definitely getting there. Yay for the flexibility of home schooling!

Anyway, this is all the little two (who are not so little any more) have been learning over the past seven weeks:


Becca= add and carry; Roman numerals; multiplying 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7; read graphs and charts; borrow and subtract; work word problems ; shapes; sets; comparing numbers;

Abigail = review adding 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers; review subtracting 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers; place value and expanded form to thousands; review all multiplication and division facts; fractions; dividing groups equally and word problems; long division with or without remainders; numerators and dominators; equivalent fractions


Becca = antonyms; synonyms; homonyms and cursive

Abigail = Learn telephone skills, write friendly letters, business letters and postcards, learn how to address envelopes; cursive writing; dictionary skills and review declarative, interrogative and exclamatory sentences; common and proper noun review; subject noun review

Word Building

40 spellings each

Literature and Creative Writing

Becca = handwriting and reading skills; rhythm and rhyme and Summer Fun with Ace and Christi; ordering sentences

Abigail = Choice Stories for Children; anecdotes; using editing marks; similes learn more about setting, characters, plot and order in short stories and learn about Count Zinzendorf; dictionary skills; Morse code; study a poem by John Greenleaf Whittier

Social Studies

Becca = Learn about different kinds of businesses. Learn about farm products: food, cotton and wool and learn about natural resources: water and natural gas; learn about history of Jerusalem and Israel

Abigail = Learn about our country after the flood. in the Old Stone Age, in the New Stone Age, in the Bronze Age; Learn about the location of the British Isles; the six ranges of uplands in the British Isles; the six main rivers and the six major cities in the British Isles; the flags of the British Isles; counties and regions of Britain; transport by rail, road and canals; ports and public utilities


Becca = Learn about birds, in particular owls and penguins. Learn about the duckbilled platypus, the anteater, the flying squirrel, the opossum, the woodchuck, the bear, the kangaroo and the bat; to learn about the turtle, frog, snake, tadpole, lizard and salamander

Abigail = Learn about: Galileo, Redi, Pastuer, Maury, Linnaeus, Newton and Boyle; Learn about living matter; about non-living matter; scientists who have theories about molecules; scientists who have theories about atoms and learn about elements; to learn about energy and work: machines, force, friction, gravity, centrifugal force, Law of the Conservation of Energy; kinetic energy, stored energy as potential energy

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