And then there were seven…

Hello, helloooo! Long time no write! No matter, I am back to update you all 🤓. The biggest news is that my one and only son has moved into a flat with one of his friends.

Everyone has been expecting and waiting for me to fall apart. I am asked questions like how are you? And when I reply that I’m doing good, it is followed up with a, no, but, really, how are you? Really, really, I’m great!

Thomas, who has always been going on 45 (but in reality is 19), had an opportunity to move in with a fellow church worker friend of his. They found the most delightful two bed flat in the village he was born in (about a ten minute drive from here) which belongs to one of Gary’s work colleagues. He moved in last Monday:

The reason I’m not falling apart is, I think, down to homeschooling. I have been blessed to spend pretty much every day with him for the first sixteen years of his life. He and I couldn’t be closer. I adore him ❤️ I have poured myself into him, and the last couple of years I had the incredible privilege of having him back home almost everyday due to the lockdown.

Thomas has grown into a man, and is ready for this next chapter in his life. And you know what? So am I. It feels so right and I am Peaceful about him living away from home.

I think I did my mourning back when he left our homeschool to go to college. I remember crying my eyes out in the kitchen engulfed in a huge hug from Thomas telling me everything was going to be okay. He wasn’t leaving home, just going to college! It makes me smile to think of it now, but at the time I felt like my heart had broken in two. Now, when he’s actually left home, I feel completely at Peace.

His sisters however were very sad, Becca in particular.

That said, they took no time to start discussing who was going to get his bedroom and studio! Becca texts him from my phone fairly frequently and he is ever so good at popping in and spending some snuggle time with her:

In fact, we seem to see him more often since he’s left home! He only moved out last Monday, and he’s been back almost every day and eaten with us numerous times!

Oh, and he’s going to do his best to join us every Saturday mornings for waffles and to play with his youngest sister. Waffles were a routine we began in lockdown and has become a firm family favourite. It’ll be great to have some time together as a whole family each week, even if it is only the food he comes back for!!

I have decided to make him up a little basket each week containing a bit home from me to him. So I got up super early Saturday morning and baked him some fudge brownies, a loaf of bread, some banana and cinnamon muffins and some nut free granola (Pete, his flat mate, is very allergic to nuts). I also bought some of his favourite coffee and some eggs:

I wrapped them all up in grease proof paper, string and labels so they looked cute (I’m pretty sure he didn’t notice the cuteness of the packages, being a boy and all!):

I found a basket:

And sent him on his way with lots of goodies to remind him of home and how loved he is:

He’s going to bring the basket back each week and I shall refill it ❤️

Anyway, that’s the reason for the lack of posting of late. Hopefully it will return to some normality next week…


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