Apologia Zoology I

Apologia Zoology I

Last year we finished off Apologia Zoology I curriculum. I’m just including a bunch of ideas we did alongside each chapter, rather than doing a post for each chapter.

Books for Apologia Zoology I

These were the books we used:

Apologia Zoology I

These are the actual text book and note book. They are very comprehensive and the notebook is wonderful for all types of learners, especially creative ones. And there are many interactive cut outs and mini books as well as lots of extra activities and a reading list for each chapter.

We used this book as a kick start to learn about nature journaling.

I bought the girls a membership to the RSPCB. We also tried to make our garden more bird and insect friendly using ideas from their website:

And we took part in the 2021 back garden bird count:

Hands on Activities to go along with Apologia Zoology I

Owl Puke Dissection

The girls did a rather hilarious owl puke dissection. As you can see, Becca was less than impressed! Abigail thoroughly enjoyed herself though:

Insect Dig Kit

This was great activity which both girls enjoyed with aplomb! The resulting insects were really clear and great to study:

Play Dough

You’d think we would have grown out of play dough, but no. All the ‘children’ enjoyed playing with this, even the 18 year olds!

The girls created insects:

Life cycles:

and more insects:

We also built a bird table, added some bird nesting boxes, built a pond to encourage insects and added non-harmful traps to find insects, and created a bug hotel in the wood pile to encourage bugs to come and make their home in our garden:

I have covered other Apologia elementary science books in more detail as well as lots of other science ideas so click on over to my science page to see more. I have lots of preschool science ideas, edible science, cleaning science, beauty science and GCSE science:

Science Page

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