Arctic Circle Unit Study


Due to some pathological need I have to complete a subject before I feel I can fully move on to the next one, you may have noticed I have been posting madly all week about the Arctic unit we have been doing.  I had been trying to school plan the littles’ summer but was completely unable to because we hadn’t fully completed the Arctic work.  We have now, thank goodness, which means I can now focus on their summer.  Here is the whole of the unit all in one place:

Week one: Arctic Circle Unit Study: Resources

Ribbet collageantarctica2

Week Two: Where in the World?

Ribbet collage1

Week Three:  Antarctica verses Arctic


Week Four: FIAR: Owl Moon and Alaska


Week Five: FIAR: Stopping by woods and Norway

stopping by woods 2

Week Six: FIAR: Katy and the Big Snow and Greenland


Week Seven: FIAR: Very Last First Time and Canada


Week Eight: FIAR: Snowflake Bentley and the Arctic Circle

snowflake bentley

Week Nine: Make Ice Cream in a Bag


Week ten: Dr Seuss School – Ice is Nice

ice is nice

Further Polar Activities: antarctica button


Weekly Wrap-Up

Further Inspiration:


  1. This was a great unit, Claire. I know everyone learned a lot and had lots of fun. You can’t ask for more than that.

    Have a lovely weekend. We are expecting our first 100 degree day tomorrow.
    :(( (I am thankful that is nearly the end of July and we are just now having our first 100.)

    1. I feel so behind in looking at your blog. It has been busy around here lately. The girls come home from camp tomorrow. They have been in Louisiana for a week. Evan and Daddy were at scout camp in June, and I have been planning our year. After eleven years of formal home schooling, this is the first year where I have the entire year planned for every subject except one, and it is outlined. Now we will see if I can stay on track.

      1. Well done, I know how much work that takes!
        I can’t believe the 100 degrees. We’re barely at 63! I hope you survive – I’m not sure I would!

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