Around the World in 80 Days: Week 2 – India Part Two

around the world in 80 days

Fogg and Passepartout’s Journey Across India

The book took us on a very detailed journey through the varying landscapes of India, and I thought it might be quite nice to show visually what Verne was describing in his book, as Fogg and Passepartout made their way across India.

This took a long time and required us to convert the places mentioned in Around the World into modern day places in order to find them on the map and print pictures.  The journey spanned four pages of our scrap book.  We were all really pleased with the result though, and it was well worth it to have this visual.

The overall trip across the map:

scrap 2

Bombay to Milligaum:

scrap 1

scrap 3

Milligaum to Banares

scrap 4

scrap 5

scrap 6

Banares to Calcutta:

scrap 7

scrap 8

Charlotte going over the journey:

scrap 12

scrap 13

Bold Believers in India

We also worked through the Bold Believers in India:

scrap 15

Once we had finished the reading and completed the activities, we made a scrap book page to remind us of everything we had learnt:

scrap 9

scrap 10

scrap 11

Around the Dictionary in 80 Words

These are the words the children have to use this week:


Tomorrow I will be sharing our 80 hours around the house 🙂

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  1. Some of those words I knew the definition of long before I knew the CORRECT pronunciation, I have a reader’s vocabulary, I know what the word means, but not how to say it.

    I wish my kids enjoyed constructing books like that more. They love the end results, but truly hate doing it.

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