Art Lab Lesson Seven: Drawing with an Eraser

Art lab
Drawing with an Eraser

Drawing with an Eraser was a super fun lesson, especially as I ended up buying some special erasers which were shaped specially for drawing with.

Art Lab: Drawing with an Eraser – Trying Out The Medium

First things first. I set up a still life for the girls to draw:

Drawing with an Eraser

The girls covered their paper with some soft pencil and then began using the eraser to draw the outline of the still life:

Drawing with an Eraser

This was a fun introduction to what was going to be an excellent lesson:

Drawing with an Eraser

Happy girls = happy mummy 🙂

Drawing with an Eraser

Art Lab: Drawing with an Eraser – Artist Study: Glen Szegedy

I was blown away by this particular artist, Glen Szegedy. We studied his charcoal and eraser sketch called Desert Frogs:

Drawing with an Eraser

As usual, the girls stuck in a photocopy of the sketch into their art notebooks and we quickly chatted about it.

Art Lab: Drawing with an Eraser – Creating their own Original Art

This time, instead of setting up a still-life, I asked the girls to draw a part of the garden. This was to make it a bit more landscape-like similar to Desert Frogs.

Also the girls used charcoal and their special shaped erasers:

They were both pleased with their results, with Becca drawing the shed and playhouse:

Whilst Abigail focused on the plum tree to the side of our garden:

We popped the drawings up in their art gallery. A good job jobbed!

Drawing with an Eraser

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  1. What a neat idea! After almost 30+ years of doing art projects myself I haven’t ever heard of this technique. Their projects turned out great.

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