Art Lab for Kids: Lab 3 – Scribble Drawings

Over the past week, the girls have been creating scribble drawings. They had so much fun, it was like looking for shapes in the clouds!

Scribble Drawings: Practice

I always have the girls use their sketch pads to do a relaxed, non-final drawing based on the lesson. Because it is just a casual sketch, it stops my perfectionist daughter from becoming too disheartened if it doesn’t turn out how she would like. Here they are scribbling this way and that to create the scribbles in which they would be looking for some recognisable pictures:

Scribble Drawings

Becca found some fish, strengthened their outline and coloured them in:

Scribble Drawings

Becca coloured in the rest of her scribble blue for the surrounding water:

Scribble Drawings

Abigail found a racing car!

Scribble Drawings

Scribble Drawing: Artist Study – Annie O Smith

I have written a whole post on the girls’ Annie O Smith artist study.

But just as a recap: They scribbled, found an approximate outline of an owl, went over it in felt tip, coloured it in using felt-tip (Becca) or paint (Abs) and cut it out:

They then painted a simple back-ground of trees (and, in the case of Abigail’s, mist):

And stuck their owl onto their forest background:

Scribble Drawings: The Girls’ Final Pieces

Our art lessons generally take a week to do, sometimes more. They follow a familiar pattern of sketch, artist study and final piece. The final piece is hung up in our gallery, and by the time the girls reach this stage in the lesson, they are very familiar with the layout and goals of the lesson.

For their final piece using scribble drawings, the girls chose to do an ocean scene. So first they created the background of the ocean so they could let it dry whilst they made the animals and fish to go in it:

Scribble Drawings

As you can see, the girls scribbled and picked out shapes of fish and a penguin!

Scribble Drawings

They cut them out and painted them:

Abs found a cute penguin:

And then stuck them onto their ocean:

Scribble Drawings

Here’s Becca’s:

Scribble Drawings

Abigail always surprises me with her imagination and attention to detail. I had no idea she was artistic, but I am seeing real talent and thoughtfulness. Here you can see she has found a penguin, which is apparently standing on an ice-berg watching a whale eating another fish:

Then they get pinned up in our gallery:

Scribble Drawings

Good job, girls!

Scribble Drawings

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