Art Lab Lesson Six: Scrape Art

Scrape Art

I’m playing catch up a bit, so these art lessons were done last year sometime. I use the book above, Art Labs for Kids, and we are working our way through it slowly. This week’s lesson was about Scrape Art

Art Lab: Scrape Art: Trying Out The Medium

This is another lesson that Lil helped me out with. I bought an enormous packet of crayons which they scribbled all over a piece of card, before covering it with a thick coat of paint:

Scrape Art

The idea was to then scrape off the paint in the shape of some kind of picture exposing the coloured crayon underneath. It sounded so simple…

Scrape Art

Alas, it was not! As happy and as excited as they look, this did not work at all, even though we followed instructions. Fortunately I had a pack (obviously for an occasion such as this) of scratch art card, pre-coloured and pre-blacked (if that’s a word). Soooo, for the rest of the lesson, we used this.

Art Lab: Artist Study – Amy Ruppel

Firstly, the girls did a study of some scrape art from artist Amy Ruppel called Sly One:

Scrape Art

They attempted to copy her picture as their first attempt at scrape art (I only seem to have a picture of those at the bottom of this post – sorry!). Both of these turned out really well.

Art Lab: Scrape Art – Creating their own Original Art

I photocopied a picture of Oscar for them to try and copy. This they found much harder, in terms of scratching the likeness. And their strokes were more simplified compared with their copies of Amy Ruppel’s Sly One:

Scrape Art

Here they are with their efforts, clearly chuffed with all they had learnt:

Scrape Art

Happy girls, but a bit disappointing for me to have to use the bought paper. It would have been lovely to have managed to create our own.

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