1. Aren’t they just? It almost makes me cry watching them, because I know it is a stage which soon passes. That lack of self consciousness is something very special.

    1. They are in their twin sisters’ old night dresses (hence them being dressed the same), and they have just had a bath together.

  1. This is lovely – it reminds me of the girls I looked after in Paris (four of them, aged from 1 to 12) who used to dance like this almost every day to whatever music we put on. The 12 year old was just on the cusp of adolescence and it was lovely to see her just relax and have fun with her sisters! Dance is a form of prayer, I think.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. All my girls enjoy dancing, but T (who also would have joined in when he was little) doesn’t ever now, he’s a bit more self conscious!

  2. i loved reading the post.
    it is incredible how things like that come from little munsters like A5 and B3.
    love u mummy

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