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Where have I been?


As a few of you guessed I have been in Northern Ireland for the past ten days staying with my incredible in-laws.  I had tried to make sure a post went out each day, but to be honest the holiday sort of took over and I have been a bit negligent of my blog.  I will be using this week to catch up on replying to all your lovely comments and visiting all of your blogs and returning the favour!


Posting plans

I’ll not be doing much posting myself until Saturday, when I will chat about our lovely holiday in my usual Seasons of Joy post.  Next week I hope posting will return to normal.

New hair?

I couldn’t resist leaving a picture of my gorgeous girls and their fandabydosy new hair styles:

Ribbet collagehaircuts

Books for this week

As this is the last week, I think I have saved the best for last.  This selection includes the Apologia text book, answers book, and an incomplete notebook (missing first and second lessons) and an incomplete experimental kit (it is pretty much complete but may not contain full lesson one and two experimental materials).  T used this a couple of years ago for a short time but then chose to pursue IGCSE Physics instead.  I am finding that as the children reach the age for this curriculum we are naturally moving on the IGCSE science work.

Ribbet collagegeneral science

I am anticipating this being popular so it is very much the first person who emails me who will receive it.  For terms and conditions and email address see here

Be blessed!


  1. Hi, Glad you had a good break in Ireland. The girls hair looks really cool, , L & C have really gone short, but hey they look stunning, so pretty and Abigail’s hair is gorgeous, and also Rebecca’s. Look forward to seeing you on Easter Sunday. Lots of love. xxxx

  2. My goodness! The new haircuts are lovely, but doesn’t A6 look grown up?! Please tell your children they have to slow down on the growing for a bit, it’s highly disconcerting 😉 I’m glad you neglected the blog, it shows you were having too much fun to worry about writing posts! But glad you’re back too 🙂

    1. Oh I know, it’s very disconcerting for me too. In six short months I’ll be the mother of three teenagers – how did that happen? I’m not old/mature enough!

  3. So glad you were off enjoying yourself and forgetting all about us in bloggerland. You quite deserve the rest and relaxation. I am sure Ireland was just wonderful. The children look spiffy with their new haircuts.

    I hope you have a most excellent week getting back into the swing of things. Hugs to all.:)

    1. Thanks Donna, but we’ve all been ill! I’m thinking it was the recycled air of the ferry. We’re on the mend now and hopefully will be up and running next week!

    1. I had mine cut first and was quite surprised when they said they wanted their hair cut like mine. Our hair grows very quickly and I think it will start to irritate them soon. Mine’s only been done a week and already I have a permanent banana clip in to keep the fringe out of my eyes.

  4. I love the haircuts! I’ve been trying to convince my girls to consider shorter hair for summer – I’ll show them these pics for sure 🙂 The beach looks chilly but wonderful – looking forward to reading all about your trip.

    1. It was a little chilly. In fact as we took the photo we had to leg it back to the car as a fierce looking rain storm was traveling at alarming speed across the sea towards us!

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