Blogging my Heart #3

blogging my heart

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Welcome to Blogging my Heart #3. I’m thrilled to have you! Here are all my online endeavours for the past month.

Blogging. My stats are very slowly increasing. I’ve gone from 150 views a day back when I’d stopped blogging to just under 300 views a day. I’m still not where I was before Charlotte became ill but I am hopeful. The numbers are moving in the right direction…

I am still trying to keep to the schedule of five posts per week but it is getting harder now I’m back homeschooling. I think I will probably need to reduce my posts to three per week. Hopefully this won’t affect my views. Even if it does, my girls’ needs always trump my blog, so it’s not a difficult decision to make.

YouTube. I am determined. Yes, I am! YouTube still seems like an unreachable prospect for me, but I am slowly moving towards my goal.

I signed up for a short course with Gillian Perkins, which ended up with me buying (or, actually, I received it for my birthday) her longer Creator Fast Track course specifically about how to set up a YouTube channel and reach 1000 subscribers and monetise in three months.

This seems completely unreachable and undoable for me, but I am throwing myself into the course, which I have shared a bit about below.

Pinterest. Much like my blog my Pinterest numbers are going up very, very slowly. I began my new Pinterest account last Christmas, pinning three pins from my blog onto different boards each day.

My monthly views are around the 175,000 mark, which seems crazy, especially when you consider I only have 64 followers.

If you’d like to follow me please do! I haven’t really got a Pinterest strategy yet. Who am I kidding, I wouldn’t know a strategy if it whacked me in the face! I’ll continue pinning, possibly increasing the number of pins per day. We’ll see. Most of my efforts are focused on my YouTube channel right now.

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Creator Fast Track Course. I love learning so much. Last year it was more formal university learning, this year it is YouTube learning. Spades apart but just as enjoyable. Learning anything rocks!

This is a little outside my comfort zone though. I am starting with no knowledge. Nada. Absolutely zero. So as you might imagine, I am finding this course challenging. So far, I have come up with a name (Angelicscalliwags Homeschool, of course! That was a no brainer!), I have refined my TVT and my CIV, and have a statement for my channel:

“Educational videos for homeschoolers and educators to demonstrate how to incorporate more hands on activities in their teaching”

Sounds awkward, right? That’s because there is nothing about this process that is easy for me. So every exercise I do, sounds uncomfortable to my ears.

I have had some fun though, looking at model channels (channels similar to what you want your own to be), coming up with a list of 100 videos I’d like to make (that part was so easy!) and creating a design page:

What do you think? I want to create ‘How to’ videos (for example, How to Make a Mesopotamian Cylinder Seal’) and I want to do it using stuff around the house whenever possible. Thoughts? I’d love to hear any feedback or advice anyone has…

Over the next week, I will be getting my new YouTube channel published, hopefully looking a bit more polished than the one I have (but have not posted any videos to yet).

I will be learning how to design some thumb nail photos, make a banner for the actual channel and create a watermark for each video (again, I’ve not actually shot any videos yet 😬)

Lastly, I’ll be adding a photo (double 😬), an about page, and links to all my various online profiles/blog etc.

The course comes in three parts. Doing the above will mean I have completed Phase 1. Phase 2 is all about the actual shooting of the video (yikes, yikes and yikes again…or better yet triple 😬)

Wish me luck!

And lastly…

Thank you to all my regular readers who send me lovely, encouraging messages. You all mean so much to me ❤️


  1. Claire, I am a regular reader in Missouri, but I rarely leave encouraging messages. (Sorry about that!) I enjoy your blog very much and wish you the best of luck with your new projects. You pour yourself wholeheartedly into all that you do. Don’t do too much at once! 🙂

    1. Hi Jeff! I had to laugh at your comment not to do too much at once! You have me sussed, don’t you? My family say I’m like a Labrador puppy with ADHD! I shall solemnly declare to try my best not to do too much at once 😉

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